Ported from N3V's Wiki for templates used there, copied here. This sets a style line <div> statement.

The template takes several optional parameters:

  1. id or ID tags the <div id={{{ID|{{{id|}}}}}} style="..."> as wrapper indicator.
  2. | box= anything changes the format width defaults for better displays when documenting full width box templates.
  3. placeholder parameters '|1=', '|2=', and '|3=' are plain vanilla styling parameters passed onto {{tl| "background:#dbfffb; color:black; width:98%;max-width:99%; border:2px solid navy  ; margin: 0.5em; padding:2px ;;font-face:{{{face }}}; font-size:10pt  ; ;;;" which only formats a style statement. If expressed, they appear at the end of the styling string, so should override any duplicate styling command they might overlap.