Teaching Elementary School Health Education/Injury Prevention and Safety/Unintentional Injuries/Fires

Most deaths and injuries relating to fires occur within the home environment. Cigarettes, lighters, and matches are the leading causes of these fires. However, some include faulty electical outlets and overloaded circuits.

A smoke detector is an alarm that sounds when it detects smoke. A heat detector is an alarm that sounds when the room temperature resis above a certain level. Every home should have one of these (on each floor) to prevent fire injuries. Batteries for these alarms need to be checked frequently to ensure that they are working properly.

In case of a fire

1. Have a predetermined plan for getting out and meeting your family.

2. Practice the plan.

When a real fire happens you should

1. Alert everyone in the home or building.

2. Place a wet cloth over the face.

3. Crawl out of the building on your hands and knees (stay below the smoke).

4. Feel doors for heat before opening. Do not open hot/warm doors. Open cool doors slowly.

5. Stuff rugs, blankets or clothes around a door to stop smoke from entering (if unable to leave the room). Call out a window for help.

6. Call 911 after you have escaped.

7. Meet family members at the designated meeting place.

8. Never go back into a burning building.

9. Tell fire officials if any people or animals are still in the building.

10. Have ropes or ladders available to help family members escap from two-story houses.