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SwisTrack/Version 3/Installing SwisTrack

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This page refers to version 3 of SwisTrack. Unless you are still using this old version, you may want to read the documentation of the most recent version of SwisTrack.

Installing SwistrackEdit

SwisTrack is shipped as a Windows installer, which walks you through the installation process. Download the installer from SourceForge. For other platforms, SwisTrack has to be built from the sources.

Installing Swistrack Sources (developers only)Edit

Download the SwisTrack sources with an SVN client of your choice, under Linux the SVN instruction will be

svn co swistrack

under Windows you only need to enter the address

You will also need the following libraries:

  • All Platforms: OpenCV 1.0, WxWidgets 2.6.3
  • Windows: CMU 1394 camera driver
  • Linux: FFMPEG (needs to be installed prior to OpenCV, and OpenCV needs to be build with FFMPEG support enabled)

We use the following tools for developing SwisTrack:

  • All Platforms: Doxygen
  • Windows: Visual Studio 2005, NullSoft Installer