(Note that this example is not yet in the SVN tree, but will eventually appear there.)

This example demonstrates how you can use SwisTrack to track a fleet of robots. The robots have simple blue markers on them, and the camera being used is a color camera. (Note that the example reads an AVI file, but you can replace the AVI file component by a component matching your camera type.)

Experimental SetupEdit

The experiment took place in a standard office room with a camera mounted on the ceiling. Special attention was given to the lights, to ensure uniform illumination of the arena.

SwisTrack ConfigurationEdit

SwisTrack is configured with the following components:

  • AVI file input (replace this by a component matching your camera type)
  • Conversion to Color, to copy the image to the color processing channel
  • ...
  • Thresholding
  • Blob Detection
  • Output Particles