SwisTrack/Developers/Setting up a development environment/Mac OS X

If you have the Apple XCode Tools installed on your Mac, you can follow the guidelines for Linux (Other distributions, manual installation) for setting up your development environment. The only difference is that you have to install wxMac instead of wxGTK. Instructions for installing OpenCV on Mac are available from [Willow Garage].

SwisTrack should compile within XCode (use code/AppleXCode/SwisTrack.xcodeproj on the SVN tree) and through the make build system ("Makefile"). You can create the application with "make osxbundle" run in the directory /Code/gui.

For all you lazy OS X users: I compiled the SVN code (r1028) and statically linked against the latest versions [as of May 2015] of wxWidgets [wxCocoa] and OpenCV. That was not as straight forward as it should be.... Some notes: the components window is no longer a modal dialog, so the cancel button has no effect. When a checkbox won't tick, click in the main window first. When loading files from AVI [not true, it takes various formats...] enter the full path, the dialog doesn't work. The app will probably only work with OS X 10.10.x Yosemite. Binary.