This component allows to record the image by saving each frame to a separate image file. These images can be used by other programs, or, for example they can be converted into a video with mplayer.

Beware that the place where this component is used has a big influence on the result, as it use the images that are processed. For example, showing the black and white image after the blob selection will show only the selected blobs. As a rule of thumb, the display will corresponds to what is displayed in the last previous component displaying the wanted image.


The gray, the color or the binary image.


The images as separate files.



The filename prefix to use. Frame number and file extension will be added automatically.

The frame number will be zero-padded to 8 chars, so that alphabetical order of the filenames will correspond to the numerical order of the frames.

If the prefix contains directories (for example, it is 'frames/frame') those directories will be created as needed.

File typeEdit

Note that png format is quite slow. bmp is very fast, but the resulting files are pretty big.