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Swimming Manual

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Why swim? edit

Why would someone decide to swim? Why spend your time and effort into a sport? Swimming is a sport that requires skill, motivation, and effort. Swimming has to do with a team, but most of swimming comes individually. Being able to master swimming mentally, physically, and emotionally, you will be successful and enjoy swimming to its fullest. Also because it to keep your self hydrated so you don't faint because you didn't have water.

Swimming Mentally

It is one thing to swim physically, but it is another thing to swim mentally. Swimming mentally means that you are ready to swim. That you are mentally ready to get in the pool and swim your workout. Swimming mentally is what wins races.

What does swimming mentally do? edit

While swimming an event, lets say the 50 freestyle, the main mentality is that you want to win. In order to win an event, you have to beat your opponents. Many people give up trying when they notice that their opponent is far ahead and uncatchable. Before standing on the blocks, before going to the swimming meet, before even practice, a swimmer needs to prepare for the meet mentally.