Swimming is a very tough sport and often needs help and tweaking. While swimming it is easy to make mistakes and not notice what you are doing wrong. This book will help swimmers with watching for small details that will help improve swimming.

Icon depicting swimming.
Icon depicting swimming.
Swimming Manual

Contents edit

  1. Introduction
  2. Swimming Mentally
    1. What does swimming mentally do?
    2. Enough Sleep
  3. Nutrition
    1. What foods to eat
    2. What foods not to eat
    3. How much to eat
  4. Technique
    1. Freestyle
    2. Backstroke
    3. Breaststroke
    4. Butterfly
  5. Swimming Physically
    1. Proper Stroke Techniques
    2. Training Drills
    3. Example Sets
    4. Example Workouts
    5. Long-term Workout Plans
    6. Basic Swimming Gear
    7. Typical Workout and Training Tools
    8. Warnings