Super Mario Sunshine/Isle Delfino

Isle Delfino is an island serving as the main setting of the game. There are 120 Shine Sprites for Mario to collect, and Piantas and Nokis are the island's native inhabitants.

Delfino Plaza Edit

Delfino Plaza is the capital of Delfino Island. It's the biggest city on the island, and serves as a nexus to all the other cities. City monuments include the Shine Gate, the Lighthouse, the Bell Towers, the city market and the Great Pianta Statue. The city is divided be a river, starting at Corona Mountain and ending at the sea. Delfino Plaza is home to Piantas, but Nokis can be found in the city. The city also houses the Boat House, where you can buy Shine Sprites. Delfino Plaza holds 20 blue coins and 17 Shine Sprites, plus 24 buyable Shine Sprites. Delfino Plaza was flooded once. People were evacuated to the rooftops. The flood ended in 1 day.

Delfino Airstrip Edit

Delfino Airstrip is a small airstrip located south-west of Delfino Plaza. It is a surprisingly small airstrip for such a prosperous island. It holds 2 Shine Sprites.

Bianco Hills Edit

Bianco Hills is a small windmill filled town, home to Piantas. Although they claim the lake and forest to be part of the town, both are outside the town walls. The town walls, built for protection, are still used from time to time, like when goop covered the forest. The main windmill, is also located outside the town, on the main hill.

Ricco Harbor Edit

Ricco Harbor is a port city with fish markets, home to mostly Piantas. This is where Mario battles Gooper Blooper, a giant squid.

Gelato Beach Edit

Gelato Beach is a large sprawling beach at the south of the island. It contains several huts, a path in the hills, and three peninsulas that resemble the crown of a Shine Sprite. A large tower in the middle houses the egg of a legendary sand bird. Here, Mario fights many cataquaks's, creates temporary structures of sand with dune buds and fights a giant Wiggler. Other notable events on this level include a watermelon festival and a small coral reef.

Pinna Park Edit

Pinna Park is an amusement park on a small isolated island to the south-west of the island. A small beach is outside, which Mario lands on upon after being fired here by a cannon. The park features a roller coaster, merry-go-round (with Yoshi shaped seats), ferris wheel, pirate ships, and various other attractions. Shadow Mario's true identity is revealed here after a battle with Mecha Bowser.

Sirena Beach Edit

Sirena Beach is a small beach north of Pinna Park on the mainland of Isle Delfino, where the famous hotel "Isle Delfino" resides. This level always takes place at sunset, and due to the large presence of Boos and other ghost characters, could be considered the typical "spooky" level of Mario Sunshine. The hotel features a Casino, a swimming pool, and two bosses: A ghost of a Manta Ray and King Boo.

Noki Bay Edit

Noki Bay is a large watery level overshadowed by icebergs. It is the original settlement of the Noki people of Mario Sunshine. The area features many secret caves and a huge sprawling underwater area filled with ancient ruins. Many of the objectives in this level revolve around getting rid of the pollution the bay suffers from. The final boss of the game (other than Bowser himself) resides in the ruins, a giant Eel (of no relation to the one seen in Super Mario 64).

Pianta Village Edit

The final "regular" level is a cheery, simple village atop a giant tree in the mountains of Isle Delfino, and is the original settlement of the Pianta people. The residents must be saved several times from problems involving paint with similar properties to lava. This level alternates between day and night as the player goes through each Shine sprite's objectives, and climaxes with a large festival held by the Piantas known as the "Fluff Festival", in which giant dandelion float through the sky. This is the only regular level in the game that houses no boss battles at all. There's mushrooms followed by a free-fall underground. Watch out!

Corona Mountain Edit

The final stage that must be cleared to fight the final boss, Bowser. It is set in the heart of the large volcano atop Isle Delfino, and therefore is filled with lava. It also features several mechanical traps as seen in Bowser's Castle, and is linear, much like the Bowser levels of Super Mario 64. Mario fights Bowser in a giant hot tub at the edge of the atmosphere, which is being warmed by the volcano below. Interestingly, Bowser is much larger than in any other game here, with no explanation as to why. Only one shine is available on this level, and is rewarded after defeating Bowser and saving Princess Peach, though Mario is never seen actually collecting it as he does with Shines in the rest of the game. Although the game can be saved after beating Corona Mountain, loading up a completed save file will still allow access to this level, the final boss and the end sequence after, even though Mario already has the Shine Sprite.