Super Mario Bros. Deluxe/Vs Game

High Scores

By selecting High Scores from the menu, you can use the Game Boy Color's IR Transmitter to wirelessly exchange High Scores with a Friend. All 20 scores from both systems are combined, and the top 10 of these are kept as the new scoreboard. Try to get to the top!

Vs. Game

The Vs. Game is a co-op game mode in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe where you and a friend can race to the finish to win the game. The first player is Mario and the second player is Luigi. This mode is related to Vs. Boo, except that Boo is not in this mode and blocks and bricks can be reversed by you and your competitor to make the challenge trickier for that person. When blocks are white for one person, they are red for the other. Also, fireballs can be used to hit the other player and render him unable to jump for a short time.

The first player to hit the flagpole or grab the axe wins. If one player dies, the game continues for a few seconds before ending (and if he fell down a pit, the ground shakes). If the other player survives, that player wins. If both players die, the winner is the one with more coins. If both players die and are tied for coins, the game is a draw. The princess goes with the character who wins, and the losing character ends up crying. If you both are in a draw, both of your characters are worn out and you can see Mario and Luigi sitting back to back. Like Vs. Boo, you can only select World 1-1 through World 2-4.