A Guide to Super Mario Bros. 2/Enemies

The enemies in this game are considered part of the "8 bits", a "club from evil dreams" (as stated on page 23 of the NES manual), the group of monsters that Wart created with the dream machine.


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Regular enemies edit

Mario and friends can jump on these enemies and throw them away.

Shyguy edit

The ubiquitous Shyguy is a pushover. Red ones walk in straight lines until stopped but blue ones (pink in the NES versions) pace to and fro in one location.

Tweeter edit

Even some birds of Sub-con wear masks. Tweeters often attack in groups, bouncing along the ground until they locate prey. Watch out for a large leap when they get close.

Snifit edit

Though they may look like a Shyguy, the Snifit will surprise unwary travelers with a barrage of bullets. Like Shyguys, red ones walk off ledges while blue Snifits (pink in the NES versions) pace back and forth.

Gray Snifit edit

Gray Snifits are in a special category by themselves; they stand guard over one location and will not stray. They typically leap straight up into the air before shooting at you. Wait for it to fire before attacking.

Beezo edit

Beezos fly in straight lines and are lightning quick. You can jump on one and ride it, but you must keep moving or you'll fall right off. The gray Beezos from the NES version are replaced with yellow Beezos in later versions.

Ninji edit

Ninji is a dark furry monster with somewhat star-shaped with pointy ears and small fangs. The manual describes the Ninji as a type of devil and come in two varieties: the more dangerous type that chase Mario and his friends and then jump when he comes too close; the other less harmful type simply stands and jumps up and down in the same place. In daylight, the Ninji are black colored but appear blue in dark, underground areas as to not appear invisible.

Hoopster edit

Hoopsters are a ladybug-like insect that like to climb up and down vines. Although they won't hesitate to attack anyone who dares invade their vine, they will absent-mindedly give lifts to anyone who rides on top of them.

Trouter edit

Trouters spring up and down in water. You can use them as stepping stones, but don't ride them for too long or you'll be sunk.

Flurry edit

Flurry is an ice-skating snow monster that attacks Mario and his friends by sliding across the ice in the frozen levels of World 4. Flurries can be picked up, but are difficult to get good enough footing on in order to lift them up. Flurries will often attack in groups of two or three. To dodge them, your character must lure them to a platform's edge, then jump over them and watch them slide off.

Bob-Ombs edit

Bob-Ombs (a.k.a. Bob Omb in Super Mario Advance) like to roam the worlds, but they also hide in patches of grass. If you pull one up, toss it quickly before it explodes.

Pidgit edit

Pidgit is a small black bird that cannot fly on his own, so he rides around on a magic carpet. Pidgit will fly back and forth above Mario and his friends for a few seconds then swoop down to attack. Pidgit is defeated by jumping on his head and throwing him off of his carpet, which can then be ridden for a short period of time. Pidgits usually appear when Mario or one his friends needs to either cross a large chasm or when they need to access an otherwise inaccessible part of a level that is far above the ground.

Cobrat edit

Cobrats hide in dark places then leap out and attack. Watch for their beady eyes peering out from jars and quicksand.

Pokey edit

Cactus-like Pokey has four round segments. Don't pick the segments up singly, just throw an item at the bottom one for a quick victory.

Tougher enemies edit

These enemies are tougher than the previous ones: Mario and friends cannot lift or throw any of them, and they also get hurt by any contact with most of these tough guys.

Phanto edit

Guardians of the key, Phantos will chase anyone who steals their treasure. If one is hot on your tail, drop the key to make it give up the chase until you pick it back up.

Porcupo edit

Porcupo is covered in sharp quills that cause damage if touched. This is one of the few enemies that you can't ride on top of, so attack Porcupo with an item or just avoid them entirely.

Spark edit

Don't touch Spark, or you'll get a shocking surprise. Attack this electrified enemy with an item to avoid losing health.

Panser edit

Panser's multiple fireballs are a pain. Grab a sprout or enemy and use it to take out the flaming flora from a distance.

Ostro edit

Speedy Ostro is a double threat, as you must take out both the Shyguy rider and Ostro itself. Pick up the Shyguy and use it to attack Ostro.

Autobomb edit

This machine makes for an explosive encounter. Autobomb is a wheeled cart with a Shyguy driver. Leap on board and toss the Shyguy, then use the cart to ride over dangerous terrain.

Albatoss edit

The high flying Albatoss often carry Bob-ombs to drop on you from above. If one flies low enough , you can jump on and ride it just like a Pidget's flying carpet, except you have no control over its movement while riding it.

GBA exclusive enemies edit

  • Subcon: a fairy that drops Bob-Ombs.
  • Large Shy Guy (red and blue)