Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels/Walkthrough

The game is set up as thirteen worlds divided into four levels each. One world, *World 9, is a secret world that you can only get to if you complete all eight previous worlds without warping. The game is only single player, and from the title screen, you must choose between playing the game as Mario or Luigi. The brothers play slightly differently from one another.

What's new in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels?


Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels has very similar gameplay and graphics to the original Super Mario Bros., so several deem it a harder version of the original. As with any sequel, there are new additions:

Plumber Performance


The Mario Bros. have slightly different abilities in the area of jumping. Luigi is the high jumper of the two while Mario can stop more accurately.

Normal Dash Slip Description
Mario 4 Blocks 5 Blocks 2 Blocks When Mario Jumps, he can clear the height of four blocks on a normal run and five on a dash,
which works out to a 25% dash boost. He can cancel the effect of his own momentum quickly.
Luigi 5.5 Blocks 6 Blocks 4 Blocks Luigi clears the height of 5.5 blocks on a normal run and six while dashing.
This gives him a 9% dash boost. His four block slide makes stopping him a chore.

Lost Level Surprises


The Lost Levels are logical extensions of the first Super Mario Bros. game. The objects and enemies are very similar with the exception of six interesting items; Poisonous Mushrooms, Red Piranha Plants, Super Springs, Fake Bowser, Flying Bloopers and Wind.

Poisonous Mushrooms Red Piranha Plants
File:SMB2j Poison Mushroom.png

Red Mushrooms make little Mario or Luigi super-sized. Green Mushrooms serve as a 1-Up. But, Brown Mushrooms (Purple in Super Mario All-Stars) should be avoided. They move like regular and 1-Up mushrooms too, so beware! A plumber collecting them will take damage just like touching an enemy (unless he has a Starman). Depending on the terrain, Poisonous mushrooms are brown, cyan, or white, matching the color of certain enemies such as Goombas and Buzzy Beetles.

File:SMB2j Red Piranha.png

These menaces pop out and sink in faster than green ones. You can only stand on top of the pipe to make them temporarily disappear. These debut in World 4-1, and green ones are gone for good. Upside-down Piranha Plants are just like red ones, but they don't get scared off at all! They debut in World 5-1 along with the right-side up.

Super Springs: Other than being colored green instead of red, these jump-aids look identical to the regular Springs. But when your hero hits a Super Spring and jumps at the same time, he'll blast off into the stratosphere. Your plumber will return near the coin indicator.

Fake Bowser: Appears in the middle of Worlds 8-4, 9-3, and D-4. He is very similar to Bowser, but he is aqua colored.

Flying Bloopers: In a few levels Bloopers can be found in the air. They do not act any differently than they do underwater, but now they can be stomped.

Wind: In some levels, your hero will be pushed by a powerful wind. Note that this does not affect enemies.

Remark about mazes


In the original Super Mario Bros. game, it is not so obvious that you would make a mistake. However, this time there is a visible implication in every case.

  • Castle 3-4 - If you fail the first part, no Podoboo will come out of the crevasse. If you fail the second part, the fire-bars will disappear.
  • World 5-3 - If you move to the very right of the first part, the hovering platform and all enemies will disappear.
  • Castle 6-4 - If you fail the first part, the fire-bars will disappear, and there is no Piranha Plant in the pipe. If you fail the second part, the extended fire-bar will disappear, and the upside-down pipe will not have a Piranha Plant.
  • World 7-2 - If you move to the very right of the first part, the hovering platform will disappear. If you fail to sink into the pipe, stay away from the right of the platform or jump off to ensure your safety.
  • Castle 8-4 - If you move to the very right of the first part, the Piranha Plants and Cheep Cheeps will disappear. If you fail to clear the fourth part, the extended fire-bar, Parakoopa and platform will disappear.



Just like the first Super Mario Bros., when you have reached the Flagpole at the end of the level, you can net yourself some extra points with some Fireworks depending on your timer and (this time around) your total coins as well. It works a little different than its predecessor, but to make them appear, you have to match your timer's last digit with the last digit of your coin count. If the digit is an odd number, you will receive three Fireworks; and if it is even or ends with zero, you will receive six.

Also, in addition to the Fireworks, you can make lives using the same trick, as long as your coin total is a multiple of eleven or your coin total is zero (i.e., 00, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99) and you match it with the timer's last digit. You will receive a 1-Up instead of points, so it won't matter from how high it's reached, but the Fireworks will appear nevertheless. Here are some examples:

Coins Timer Prize
23 103 3 Fireworks
32 242 6 Fireworks
75 215 3 Fireworks
04 324 6 Fireworks
81 111 3 Fireworks
60 100 6 Fireworks
11 251 1-UP and 3 Fireworks
88 118 1-UP and 6 Fireworks
99 249 1-UP and 3 Fireworks
00 120 1-UP and 6 Fireworks



While points are not so important, a few changes have been applied:

  • It is impossible to bypass the flagpole animation with the glitches in the prequel.
  • Clearing a castle level will still convert remaining time into score.
  • Upon saving the princess, every remaining extra live is converted to 100,000 points.

Redesigned Sprites