Super Mario Bros./World 8

World 8 isn't just another world
For those who have seen the map of this area, the great length must be quite surprising. The time given to clear this area is only 300! The goal feels so far away.
In addition, when you die in this area, you return to the beginning of the area--no matter where you die.
The obstacles and the enemies are set up to give you lots of trouble. Use the map wisely and don't get too excited when you get the star. If you are careless, you'll fall into the pits along the path. The pits vary in size, so you must use different techniques to clear them.
You'll also find that the Koopa tribe has its maximum defenses up. Every known type of enemy is present. And desperate! It is quite a feat to get the power-ups while engaging the various enemy characters in combat, and scoring points. Things get worse in World 8-3 where the Hammer Brothers make their last stand.
Power-ups are hard to come by, so save your power! It is preferable to be Fire Mario and use the fireballs before the enemy gets too close for comfort.
Four more areas to clear! Are you ready?

World 8-1Edit

Part 1Edit

File:SMB1 Map 8-1 p1.png

  • Clear the gaps in the middle of this section with the B button sprint.

Part 2Edit

File:SMB1 Map 8-1 p2.png

  • If you reach this section without getting hit, you'll find a 1-up inside the third block from the left, between the two pipes.
  • The pipe just before the two floating coins leads to coin room B.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros, the 1-up mushroom has been omitted.

Part 3Edit

File:SMB1 Map 8-1 p3.png

  • The very beginning of this section is enclosed by walls and blocks. There is a hidden coin block in the space below the fifth block from the left. Jump on top of that block, and jump to find a 10-coin block.
  • The third block in this row is where a particularly speedy star calls home. Bump the block and catch him fast, because you'll need his power in the areas ahead.
  • To clear the large pit at the end of this section, you must accelerate before you jump.

Part 4Edit

File:SMB1 Map 8-1 p4.png

  • Be careful not to fall into the pits between the pipes after you clear the large pit. Take it easy and advance steadily.

Part 5Edit

File:SMB1 Map 8-1 p5.png

  • These twin pits are quite difficult to clear. Use the B button to accelerate, and use the middle section to pull another jump. Another tactic is to stand close to the edge, and use the A button to jump to the middle part. Jump again in a similar way to get to the other side.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros, the stair case to the flag jump has a wider pit.

World 8-2Edit

Part 1Edit

File:SMB1 Map 8-2 p1.png

  • You will have to avoid Parakoopa and Lakitu at the same time. One solution is to stand by the right edge of the break in the staircase, wait until Spiny's Egg is thrown left of you, then jump. Lakitu will disappear after the first brick ceiling with a 1-up mushroom.
  • There is a 1-up mushroom inside the second block from the left in the block set above. Use the springboard to punch the block. To collect the mushroom when you are small, run to the end of the block to the right and catch it as it falls. Don't forget about the Paratroopas.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros, the 1-up mushroom is a power-up mushroom and there are also Goombas with the Paratroopas.

Part 2Edit

File:SMB1 Map 8-2 p2.png

  • There is a power-up inside the right block right after the twin cannon.
  • The block set with the cannon on top has a 10-coin block in the right.
  • There are two ways to clear the pits at the end of this section. The first way is to stand near the left pipe and use the accelerate/jump sequence to clear the second pipe, then jump again on the second tiny flat. Another way is to start at the edge of the first flat and accelerate over the gap to the second flat and jump at the last moment. Either way, timing and the length of your jumps will decide your fate.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros, the two blocks on the left edge of screen are gone and the far left bottomless pit is wider.

Part 3Edit

File:SMB1 Map 8-2 p3.png

  • The first pipe in this section leads to coin room E.
  • After two pipes, you can use the accelerate/jump sequence from the right side of the pipe to jump over the cannon and the pit. You can also use A button to jump from the top of the cannon.
  • Duck on the second step of the second staircase to avoid the Koopa Paratroopa.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros, the staircase to the flag pole jump requires a larger jump due to the size increase of the pit.

World 8-3Edit

So close...
Finally! You've reached the outer rim of the castle where Princess Toadstool is held captive. The massive walls look like insurmountable barricades. The castle guards (Hammer Brothers) are waiting to destroy you. The B button plays an important role in clearing this area. Combining fireballs with acceleration is the only way to survive.

Part 1Edit

File:SMB1 Map 8-3 p1.png

  • Bullet Bills and Paratroopas are the only enemies at the start. Accelerate and jump over all the obstacles to reach the first pipe quickly.
  • You must control Mario precisely to defeat the Hammer Brothers. Advance steadily and wait for your chance. If you see an opening, run and jump to the stairs on the right. If you are lucky, the Hammer Brothers will no longer appear. Use this opportunity to go back to the first block set, and punch the second block from the right to collect the power-up.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros., the powerup is omitted.

Part 2Edit

File:SMB1 Map 8-3 p2.png

  • Don't miss your chance to go full tilt and get the last power-up. You won't get another crack at it in the next stage. This is it! All you have to do first is nail those pesky Hammer Brothers.
  • When you jump off the pipe, first stomp on the Troopas and kick them to the right. You may be able to kill a few Hammer Brothers this way, too. If this doesn't work out, use the B button to accelerate and jump over them.

Part 3Edit

File:SMB1 Map 8-3 p3.png

  • At the final wall, if you jump at the second block from the right, a 10-coin block will appear.
  • This staircase is floating. Extra care must be taken to clear this obstacle. Over-jumping or under-jumping...either way, you will fall!
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros, the jump from the staircase to the flag is longer.

World 8-4Edit

This is it!
This castle scene is divided into five zones. Three out of the five do not lead to anywhere. To get to the next zone, you'll need to use the pipes. Some of the pipes will take you to the beginning of the area instead of letting you through to the next zone, but the first pipe after a lava pit will take you to the next zone.
The time to clear the castle is 400, so remember which pipes take you backwards, and try not to run out of time.

Part 1Edit

File:SMB1 Map 8-4 p1.png

  • You'll be welcomed here with the terrifying Bog of Flames. Take careful steps one at a time!
  • If you take the wrong pipe, you'll end up back at the first pipe here.
  • The second pipe leads back to the one in the beginning of this area.
  • It's hardly visible, but floating on the lava pit is a platform. It's easier to jump on it and then to the other side than to do a very long jump.
    • In Super Mario All-Stars, the platform floats one space above the lava pit, not on it as displayed in this map.
  • The pipe immediately after the floating set of blocks leads to part 2. If Mario continues to the right, he'll end up back at the second pipe in this area.

Part 2Edit

File:SMB1 Map 8-4 p2.png

  • The third pipe leads to the pipe at the beginning of part 1.
  • Wait on top of the pipe just before the lava until all of the Paratroopas can be seen.
  • Bump the second block to the left of the pipe and discover a hidden coin block. Jump on the block and use it as a step to get you into the floating pipe. It will take you to part 3.
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros., the hidden block is higher up.

Part 3Edit

File:SMB1 Map 8-4 p3.png

  • Watch out: the Cheep-Cheeps are much slower this time around. This means that they can fall from above without warning, because you think they have already disappeared.
  • The third pipe leads to the pipe at the beginning of part 1.
  • The pipe immediately after the lava pit leads to part 4.

Part 4Edit

File:SMB1 Map 8-4 p4.png

  • An invisible Piranha Plant hides in the pipe you came from because of the water graphic. be careful if you back up!
    • In Super Mario All-Stars, the Piranha Plant is easily visible like all enemies you encounter.
  • The only other enemy in this underwater area is Blooper. If you are not Fire Mario, it's safer to stay close to the bottom. However, it is sometimes easier to move at the top for the first half, then run along the bottom during the last portion.
  • The pipe at the end leads to part 5.

Part 5Edit

File:SMB1 Map 8-4 p5.png

  • The second pipe leads to the pipe in the beginning of part 1.
  • Get on top of the pipe on the right, and take time to observe the movement of the Hammer Brother. If he doesn't throw their hammers while they jump, it's a good time to make your move. Use the accelerate/jump sequence to jump behind him, and quickly jump over the Bog of Flames.
  • The final battle: this Bowser means double trouble. What talent! He can blast you with fire or pull an old Hammer Brothers routine and pound you like a nail. You might try ducking under him, but the situation could get hot fast! Hang on Princess, Mario is coming!
  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros, when fighting Bowser there is large set of bricks above the Drawbridge so you have to go under him.

Congratulations on completing the game. Princess Peach will give you a "new quest" where you will be able to select the world and then warp directly to it from the main screen. Press B button to return to the main menu, then press B button to change the world number. When you are satisfied, press Start to begin the game.

  • In Vs. Super Mario Bros., there is no second quest.