Super Mario Bros./Coin Rooms

Coin Room A edit

File:SMB1 Map Coin A.png

Coin Room B edit

File:SMB1 Map Coin B.png

  • The last block, right above the pipe entrance, has 10 coins hidden inside.

Coin Room C edit

File:SMB1 Map Coin C.png

  • There is a power up hidden among the top row of bricks, just left of center.
    • Because this coin room is exclusive to World 3-1, you should successfully collect the mushroom before coming down here.
  • To access the coins at the top, break the bottom two blocks in either the right most or left most columns.

Coin Room D edit

File:SMB1 Map Coin D.png

  • Super Mario can access the coins along the bottom just like regular Mario can. You just need a running start from the left, and push down to make Mario slide.
  • You can also use a running start to pick up a Fire Flower, but don't smash any of the highest level of the ceiling/floor before this.

Coin Room E edit

File:SMB1 Map Coin E.png

  • The right most block above the pipe entrance has 10 coins hidden inside.
  • To access the coins above the bricks, jump on the right most block, and then jump left to cross the ceiling. From the ceiling, jump to the top of the left wall, and then take a small hop to the right, in to the gap.
  • If you are super-sized, it is also possible to break the wall on the right of the boxed coins. Do this if you can't jump from the left as described in the step above.

Coin Heaven A edit

File:SMB1 Map Heaven A.png

  • Hop on top of the flat cloud platform, and jump forward to collect the coins. If you accidentally fall off, accelerate to pass the cloud, and jump on from the right.
  • This Heaven has a 41 coin potential.

Coin Heaven B edit

File:SMB1 Map Heaven B.png

  • Once you reach the small clouds at the end, the best way to get all of the coins is to use the B button. If you accelerate, you won't fall through.
  • This Heaven has a 52 coin potential.

Coin Heaven C edit

File:SMB1 Map Heaven C.png

  • The only difference between Coin Heaven B and C is the size of the platform that carries you through the area. Coin Heaven C's platform is shorter.
  • Just like Coin Heaven B, this one has a 52 coin potential.

Swim Area A edit

File:SMB1 Map Swim A.png

  • The two platforms descend and could possibly push you down, so you need to move quickly!

Swim Area B edit

File:SMB1 Map Swim B.png

  • The only difference between Swim Area A and B is the size of the platforms that fall through the water. Swim Area B's platforms are shorter.
  • You will not get trapped by the platforms if they move down too low.

Warp Zone edit

File:SMB1 Map Warp.png

  • This is the Warp Zone that you access through the vine found in World 4-2. From here, you can warp to Worlds 6, 7, or 8. In Vs. Super Mario Bros. you can only warp to World 6.