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Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

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World e Part 1

Classic World 1-1


It's a blast to the past as you return to the starting point of Mario's first adventure. Every detail of the most famous level in gaming has been recreated exactly as you might remember it. Up until the Wii U Virtual Console version of the game, this was the only throwback level that North American players could play.

The first level of Super Mario Bros. needs no introduction, and this level is very faithful to the original, right down to the secrets, the inclusion of a flagpole and a special rendition of the Super Mario Bros. theme. The only departure is the ability to scroll to the left.

Advancing forward will take you to the classic triangular block formation with a Goomba walking below it. Hit the lower left block in the formation to get a power-up. After that is a series of pipes in varying heights, with a few Goombas placed between them. After that is a bottomless pit that you must jump over, but just before the gap hides a block that contains a 1-Up. You can also head down the last pipe before the pit to reach a secret area, where you'll find this level's lone Advance Coin. Exiting the secret stage puts you right by the end of the level.

After the gap is more familiar block formations. You'll first come across two rows of blocks with Goombas dropping down from above, which precedes the second gap of the level. After that is a triangle of coin blocks followed by more scattered rows of coin and brick blocks. Goombas appear in pairs as you continue to the right, as well as a lone Koopa. Kick its shell and run behind it to knock out the line of Goombas in front.

You'll eventually reach a block staircase with a gap in between. You'll land on solid ground if you somehow fall into the gap, but the same cannot be said about the second block stairs ahead, which has a deadly pit at the center. Past two pipes, a row of blocks and a pair of Goombas is a tall flight of stairs leading to a flagpole. The flagpole gives you points depending on how high you grab it, granting a 1-Up if you manage to grab the tip. After the flagpole is the real ending of the level containing the usual card roulette.

Classic World 1-2


No need to take a warp pipe underground; World e's warp zone deposits you right into this nostalgic subterranean level.

The first thing you find is a row of question blocks, with the leftmost block giving you a power-up, as well as some Goombas as threats. After that is some solid pillars that you must jump across. Two pillars among them create a wide pit with a lone Goomba inside. The block over the pit will give you a bunch of coins. Following the pillars are huge chunks of brick blocks. Small Mario can slip through the block formations along the ground, while tall Mario must make a path by breaking through the blocks. Koopas and Goombas roam the ground as an added threat.

After the block formations is a pit and a high up platform that you can reach by using the brick platform before the gap. Stand on the right end of the platform and jump into the ceiling to reveal a 1-Up. Tall Mario can break the surrounding ceiling blocks to grab the mushroom, but you must make a hasty dash to the ceiling's edge if you're small.

Going past a trio of Goombas is a set of three pipes, each inhabited by Piranha Plants. Just as you may remember it, the left pipe leads to a secret area whereas the right pipe is said area's exit. Inside the secret area is a bunch of coins, including the Advance Coin of this level. Across some more gaps is a staircase where a pair of Goombas descend to the ground. Beyond it are some old-school lifts, one side moving down while the other moving up. Between them is some land patrolled by a red Koopa Troopa, with a row of blocks above. The rightmost block contains a power-up.

Beyond the lifts is the exit pipe, which leads to the classic staircase and flagpole, as well as the level end roulette. However, World 1-2's Warp Zone remains intact in this course. Take one of the lifts going up to get on top of the ceiling blocks, letting you continue past the exit pipe. You will drop down into a room with three pipes, but all three lead to the same bonus room, containing a single chest that awards a Fire Flower.

Classic World 1-3


This classic course differs stylistically compared to its original form, with the tall mountaintops being replaced with high wooden platforms on stilts.

This course offers a more platforming-focused challenge than the other classic worlds. The elements of this level is mostly comprised of platforms of varying heights populated by a smattering of enemies. The second hill you hop on has a red Koopa patrolling its peak, and you will confront a pair of Goombas soon after dropping down a trio of platforms with ascending height.

Next, there is a moving platform that scrolls up and down, letting you reach the row of coins at the peak of the next platform. The ability to scroll left freely should let you get both the coins, and the power-up from the block below with ease. A red Koopa Paratroopa increases the challenge of jumping between the next set of platforms, followed by a large gap that must be crossed using two moving platforms.

Five more platforms remain until you return to solid ground. The second has a red Koopa roaming on it, and a red Paratroopa hovers over the third platform, which contains some coins. You can see the last Advance Coin floating below the last platform before the flagpole. Jump on the red Koopa Troopa and use its shell to grab the coin from a safe distance. After that is the staircase leading to the flagpole as well as the level end.

Classic World 1-4


Compared to the confounding fortresses of the main game, this recreation of the first castle level in the series is more straightforward, but challenging with its rotating fire bars.

Walk down the stairs, jump over the gap, and charge right in to this classic castle course. A pedestal stands over two pools of lava with a power-up block above it, but a fire bar makes its collection difficult. Following the lava pits is a long, narrow hallway guarded by a series of fire bars along the ceiling, where timing is key to getting across.

The corridor leads into a wider hall, but there are now fire bars both on the floor and the ceiling, some of which rotate in opposing directions. After the hall is a small bottleneck where Bowser will begin launching fireballs at you. Pits in the floor will let you duck out of his attacks. The large pit contains six invisible coin blocks, but the measly six coins is not worth the danger of getting blasted by fireballs.

Eventually you will confront Bowser, who simply breathes fireballs at you regularly as well as jumping across the room to stomp on you. A platform hovers over the arena if you need help going over Bowser, but you can run under him when he jumps instead. A couple of fireballs will defeat Bowser, as would dropping Bowser into the lava by touching the axe behind him.

Congratulations Mario! Your reward is within this very castle. You will automatically walk up to the chest, but jump across it to get the Advance Coin plainly visible in the ending room. Inside the chest is a Frog Suit, a hint to the next and final Classic World course.

Classic World 2-2


Finishing this short but sweet series of classic courses is the first water level of Super Mario Bros., complete with Bloopers and Cheep Cheeps.

This retro course remains unchanged from the original and is quite simple compared to other water levels. Unlike in the original Super Mario Bros., you can equip the Frog Suit for better underwater control, but fire flowers are similarly useful for scorching the hostile wildlife. While the bottomless pits presented a great danger by sucking Mario in as he gets close in the original game, here the draining effect isn't very noticeable.

Coral walls divide the starting stretch into smaller sectors with some coins and blocks in them. There are also Bloopers lurking about. Two coral walls surround the first gap, and the course briefly narrows between two pieces of land. Cheep Cheeps start to appear once you pass through the channel, while the bloopers also increase in number. You will soon reach a large bottomless pit with a curved line of coins. Above it is an L-shaped block formation that holds an Advance Coin.

There is one more gap before the exit pipe that is partially covered with blocks, but offers 6 coins over it for your trouble. Two rows of blocks and some more Cheep Cheeps later, you will reach the pipe to warp back to the surface. Head up the stairs to grab the flagpole for the very last time in Super Mario Advance 4.

World e Part 2

e-1 Wild Ride in the Sky


The first e-Reader level takes you on platform rides, across the clouds and into a crossfire of bullet bills.

Jump on the moving platform and on to the next stationary platform to begin a long autoscrolling section. The first two floating platforms have coins on them, but the third has a power-up in the right block above it. Be quick to hop on the next couple of moving platforms; the scrolling speeds up dramatically.

Ride the platform to the top to reach the second half of the autoscroll section. Follow the cloud platforms to the right and watch out for the red Koopas, one of the few enemies in this course. After passing a small pillar of wood blocks, drop to the clouds below to grab an Advance Coin, then get on to the cloud platforms above. What follows are some donut blocks, with coins to collect below for the daring. On the cloud platform with the Koopa, drop down with the donut blocks to get the next Advance Coin.

Some more cloud platforms mark the end of the autoscroll. Just before that, be sure to drop down on to a platform of smiling clouds below the cloud with the red Koopa to get another Advance Coin, as well as a multi-coin block. Hop on the wooden block for the final challenge of this course. Four bullet bills regularly attack in a diagonal cross formation. Your ride is fast enough to evade them, but the track often puts you in the path of stray Bullet Bills as they leave the screen. Grab the Advance Coin at the center of the spiral track, then ride the platform to victory.

e-2 Slidin' the Slopes


There's almost no flat ground in this sandy nightscape. Many foes grew wings to adapt to the rough terrain.

Green Paratroopas are the first enemies you confront. Approach them carefully, their hopping attack pattern becomes quite unpredictable with the uneven terrain. An easy Advance Coin hovers at the peak of a hill followed by a long slide down. Smash through the enemies along the slope like bowling pins, then make a timely jump over the gap with the note block, grabbing the second Advance Coin in the air.

Time to take a detour. Hop on the note blocks from the flat piece of land to reach a warp pipe that takes you to a forest clearing. Triangle blocks work the same here as in Super Mario World; run up to one with enough speed to walk on walls and ceilings. Hold the dash button and follow the trail of coins as you wind around the interior of this wooden block formation until you get to the ceiling. You can jump for the coins here, but make sure to remain at full speed with your feet on the ground as you run off the right edge. Hesitate and you may fall into a pit of Munchers. Your physics-defying jog will be rewarded with an Advance Coin.

Returning from the warp pipe, your next task is an uphill climb where you shall be menaced by Paragoombas and Buzzy Beetles. Grab the Advance Coin along the path as you climb. The Paragoomba at the peak bombards you with Micro Goombas. From here, you can slide down a massive slope, carrying enough momentum to go over the small bumps in your way as well as any unfortunate enemy. After that is a large e+ symbol made of coins and a fight with a Boomerang Bro.. Defeat him to claim his boomerang, a handy weapon for defeating enemies and collecting coins. Unfortunately, it doesn't carry over to future courses.

e-3 Vegetable Volley


Vegetables prosper on these fertile plains. In a throwback to Super Mario Bros. 2, pluck patches of grass for throwable veggies, valuable coins and deadly mushrooms.

The course starts off flat with a few plants to pull. A red mushroom is encased in a bubble; throw three vegetables to pop the bubble if you need it. On the tall platform next to the bubble, you can pluck the first instance of a Poison Mushroom, enemies that move like normal mushrooms but are harmful to the touch. Following it is a crossover with Super Mario World instead in the form of a Chargin' Chuck. Bounce on them a few times to knock em out.

Travelling further along the jagged landscape, you shall see an Advance Coin hanging over a pit. Pluck a vegetable nearby and toss it into the pit to collect the coin safely. After the Advance Coin pit is a trio of grass, one of which gives you a massive vegetable when plucked. Next is a valley with two Goombas and a Koopa, as well as a Chain Chomp obstructing the way forward. A well-aimed vegetable toss will defeat it.

Further ahead is a pair of Spinies that you can kill with vegetables. Pluck the patch of grass they were roaming near to get several coins in one pull. A Chargin' Chuck can be found in the next valley, with an Advance Coin above its head. You can find another Advance Coin in a basin between two Chargin' Chucks. Defeat one to reach it and remain mindful of the other Chuck.

Past a bottomless pit is a red Koopa that can roll over some Spinies, as well as one more Chargin' Chuck. After the next pit is a red Koopa Troopa, but plucking the grass on the ground it is patrolling nets you a 1-Up. Hop on to the ledge above and over the ceiling to find a secret area with a bunch of coins. Drop down into the narrow pit to pluck up a rare Mushroom e-Coin! Jump by the right wall to reveal a note block that will get you out.

One more Chargin' Chuck lies before a wide pit of Spinies. The ground where the Chargin' Chuck roams contains several massive vegetables that will clear out most of the Spinies, which will let you grab the Advance Coin above the Spiny pit. There's another Advance Coin over a bottomless pit soon after, which you can also pick up with a vegetable. Finally, get past the Chain Chomp to reach the exit.

e-4 Doors o' Plenty


Ghost Houses makes their first appearance in Super Mario Advance 4. Navigate this mansion's labyrinthine rooms with its many doors.

Run to the right of this massive hall until you reach the center. You can find a huge multi-tiered wooden structure, arranged in such a way that you can only go from a lower tier to a higher tier. The top door is the only choice you have, taking you to a large room, much of which you can't access. Grab the key in this room and exit out the bottom door to return to the middle tier of the main wooden structure. The middle door on this tier leads to a dead end, so head for the right door.

You're back in the huge maze-like room where there are quite a few Advance Coins to be found. Drop down to the floor below the door you came in from to get the first Advance Coin. You can get the next Advance Coin by going up and to the right, then looping back around to get it between two wooden platforms. Wind your way to the lower-right corner to get the third Advance Coin.

Return to the top of the room and seek out a locked door that you can use your key on. Be sure to hop over the pinball paddles leading up to the door, or else you have to reenter this room and try again. You'll find yourself in a mostly empty room with an inaccessible floating door. The coin block on the left produces a coin trail that you must lead below the midair door. Press the P-Switch to turn it into blocks and enter the mysterious door.

Hit the P-Switch in this new room and drop down the shaft. Ignore the door to your left and jump up the platforms to the right. Next, you must drop down in such a way that you collect just enough coins to clear a path above the door while leaving at least one coin below the door. You can enter this door once the P-Switch expires to get an elusive Leaf e-Coin! If you mess up, you can use the lower-left door to try again.

Returning to the maze room, you should get to the lowest floor possible and head left until you hit a wall. Jump up the shaft here to reach one more door that will leave you at the lowest tier of the wooden structure. To the left is an Advance Coin and to the right is a yellow switch. Bring the switch to the right side of the room and hit it to cover the large pit with blocks. Hit the center brick block above the yellow blocks to sprout a vine into the ceiling you can climb. Grab the Advance Coin at the top and head into the final door.

It's a Big Boo boss fight lifted straight from Super Mario World, complete with a floor of ice blocks that you must use against it. You can't throw blocks straight up, so you must wait until Big Boo is more level with you to harm it. Three ice blocks to the apparition's face will end the course.

e-5 Bombarded by Bob-ombs


Boom Boom has a new stronghold: an underground base protected by massive turrets and a never-ending supply of Bob-ombs.

At the very start is a new kind of block that gives you a counter when you hit it. If you can collect 110 coins in this level, you'll be rewarded with a 3-Up. The above ground cannons will soon scroll into view, firing cannonballs and protected by Monty Moles. Collect the coins behind the turrets if you're aiming to complete the counter. An Advance Coin can be obtained behind the largest, three-cannon turret. The above ground section ends at a tower with a warp pipe leading into the rest of the level.

The course will start to live up to its name, as Bob-ombs can be found both patrolling the ground and fired out of cannons. An Advance Coin can be found next to the first cannon, but the Bob-ombs fired from the cannon also happen to rest right under it, requiring you to knock them out and grab it quickly. The screen will scroll past inaccessible alcoves in the ceiling where Bob-ombs stream out of the cannons. Be sure to hit all the coin blocks here for the extra lives.

You will see the next Advance Coin later on once you get to a pit bombarded by two cannons pointing at each other. Slip through the Bob-ombs to get underneath and hit the coin blocks while you're at it. After one more cannon, the level appears to stop scrolling as you reach a warp pipe, but notice that there is a small opening to the right. Jump into it to reach a secret area with an Advance Coin and three multi-coin blocks to finish counting down your coin counter. Head into the warp pipe to a room with the last Advance Coin and go through the pipe at the bottom for the typical Boom Boom fight.

World e Part 3

e-6 Magical Note Blocks


Get to the top of a cylindrical tower with note blocks being your only platforms.

The initial area is wide open with two Buzzy Beetles making their only appearance in this course. Go up the pipe to enter the real meat of the level. This is an unusual level as the sides wrap around itself; going off the screen to the right and you will appear on the left. You will also notice that the level is composed entirely out of Note Blocks, so you're in for quite a bumpy climb. The first few floors are wide and flat with some red Koopas that can be dispatched from underneath.

Next, the Note Block platforms take the form of jagged, disconnected slopes arranged in such a way as to force you to wrap around the screen to progress. Both green and red Koopa Troopas appear in this section and your awkward bounce adds a layer of challenge to stomping them out. As you climb you will see an Advance Coin surrounded by Note Blocks to the left. Grab it by jumping into the right edge of the screen.

Now comes the hardest part of the course: jumping up individual Note Blocks. The platforms become narrow and chaotically scattered so you need to be precise with your jumps. Several Note Blocks contain power-ups when hit. A wrong step can cause you to lose a lot of progress, especially since bumping into Note Blocks from the side can mess with your momentum. To compound the problem, a Fire Chomp and a red Paratroopa appear as added threats. The second Advance Coin is above the wooden blocks where the Fire Chomp spawns.

The last Advance Coin can be seen at the top of the screen, but requires some out of the box thinking. It's too high and too far away to jump to from the middle, so instead jump off the highest Note Block on the left and wrap around the edges to collect the Advance Coin. Head into the pipe to reach the level's ending.

e-7 The ol' Switcharoo


P-Switches play a big role here. Be quick on your feet unless you wish to bathe in lava!

You begin in a secluded desert oasis, but the waterfall hides a secret. Take a plunge in the falls to find an Advance Coin, as well as the pipe that leads into this underground fortress. Inside you'll find a pit of lava and a load of coins. Hit the P-Switch in the floor to make a path across the lava. Right before you make the last jump to solid ground, hit the protruding block of the left wall of blocks to find another P-Switch to prolong the effect. Grab the Advance Coin, go into the pipe, then jump into the first ceiling pipe before the P-Switch ends.

If you were fast enough, you'll end up in a tower full of coins, including the third Advance Coin of the level. Take the wooden platform to the top, then jump into the pipe to emerge back on to the desert. You have to swim up the waterfall flowing around the pipe to get the next Advance Coin. Return to the room with the two ceiling pipes where you'll spot a lone patch of grass on the ground. Pluck the vegetable and hang on to it as you go through the pipe on the right.

After passing an empty room, you're faced with an even wider lava pit here and a longer path of coins. Hit the P-Switch when you're ready and get across quickly. An e Coin can be found on the other side of the lava, which is where your vegetable comes into play. If you're still holding it, toss it at the coin to collect the Star e-Coin! Use the pipe to return to the desert waterfall. Swim around the top edge of the waterfall to get the last Advance Coin, then proceed toward the exit.

e-8 Piped Full of Plants


The pipes in this course have been infested by Piranha Plants and they are growing restless. Sear them with fireballs or you may get roasted yourself.

The level begins on a challenging note: two pipes face each other with Piranha Plants emerging in an odd pattern. After that is a series of pipe platforms all of which have Piranha Plants in them. Venus Fire Traps get added into the mix as you continue, until you reach a pair of bottlenecks created by warp pipes. Again, both pipes will have Piranha Plants coming out regularly and now you have Venus Fire Traps firing at you from all directions. You can get an Advance Coin jumping from the second bottleneck to the first, but it's very hard to do so unscathed.

After a harrowing series of pipe platforming, you are rewarded with a Super Mario World-styled power-up roulette. Your next obstacle is a Venus Fire Trap and a mini pipe path where Munchers periodically emerge. You must time your jumps very carefully to grab the Advance Coin without taking a hit. Toward the end is a stack of horizontal pipes featuring a new enemy: horizontal Venus Fire Traps that shoot two fireballs before retreating. Head in the lower right pipe to warp to the exit. For the last Advance Coin, you must simply have a power-up that will let you fly on to the exit pipe formation, not easy given the difficulty of this course.

e-9 Swinging Bars of Doom


Boom Boom has gone all out with rotating Fire Bars when building his next fortress, and this time he's bringing his twin to the fight.

The opening hallway of this course is a gauntlet of various enemies. The Bony Beetle from Super Mario World makes an appearance, being immune to fire and harmful to jump on when its spikes are out. After that, you will pass the first Fire Bar of the course, followed by a combination of a Thwomp and a Thwimp. Next, you'll encounter a Boo and have a chance to grab an Advance Coin, followed by a Piranha Plant in a pipe.

Your next obstacle is to jump over several lava pits with Podoboos leaping out at regular intervals. Between the lava pits is a Fire Bar and an Advance Coin that you must skillfully nab without getting burned. The course then separates into two floors with Fire Bars spanning both of them. As Small Mario, jump into the hole in the ceiling to reach a cache of coins. Watch out for the Lil Sparky; it circles around the platform its on and is harmful to touch. Stick to the more dangerous upper path to get an Advance Coin. You must then content with both double length Fire Bars and a Thwomp.

The final stretch of the level is to ascend and descend pillars of varying heights. In addition to the Fire Bars, you will also encounter Bony Beetles and Boos. Once you get on to the highest pillars, drop down the gap of the left tallest pillar and go right. Jump to the right of the one-way paddle to reveal some blocks. Return to the pillar and slip through the two Fire Bars to drop on to the blocks you just revealed, letting you take the Advance Coin. Descend down some more pillars while avoiding the Fire Bars to find the door to the boss.

There is power in numbers and Boom Boom doesn't play fair. He has brought a friend to gang up on Mario! Despite there being two of them, the Boom Booms don't behave differently from their normal appearances, but they do have different abilities. One Boom Boom has the high jump, while the other can sprout wings and fly. Focus on one Boom Boom so that you can get rid of him early, leaving you with only one Boom Boom left to deal with.

e-10 Para Beetle Challenge


The last of the North American e-Reader levels ramps up the difficulty with tricky platforming action. It would be another 10 years before the rest of the e-Reader levels were released worldwide.

This entire level centers around jumping between Para Beetles. The Para Beetles function like tiny platforms and shift when Mario lands on them, so it is likely to fall to your death from a missed jump. The first Advance Coin can be obtained immediately after the auto-scroll begins. There are clouds at the bottom to catch your fall here, but you'd want to stay on the Para Beetles to get the second Advance Coin. The scrolling will speed up and pan upward, slowing down once it reaches the third Advance Coin.

If you have managed to keep the pace with the ascending camera, now comes the second major section of this course. Instead of a bunch of Para Beetles, you only have two that will carry you through this third of the stage. Remember that you can hop on the Para Beetle to lower its height, or stay on it to make it fly up. First ascend to get an Advance Coin, then weave around the wooden blocks. Descend below the third wooden block to nab the last Advance Coin.

After the wooden blocks, more Para Beetles will fly in from the right. The screen scroll speeds up drastically here, forcing you to abandon your pair of Para Beetles and jump across the incoming swarm to keep up with the autoscrolling. You can relax once you reach a platform of wooden blocks, as the course end is just an exit pipe away.

World e Part 4

e-11 A Musical Trek


Bounce your way across the sky on a long Note Block bridge, but be careful not to spring into winged enemies.

The initial stretch is a long, simple row of Note Blocks with mild variations in height and only short gaps in between. Pretty soon you should see two rows of Note Blocks sloping down toward a single point. Jump where the two rows meet to find a red Note Block that will take you to a bouncy Coin Heaven. There are many coins in this area, most importantly Advance Coins. Stay on the higher row of Note Blocks to grab the first Advance Coin when it appears, then make the two one-block jumps at the end of Coin Heaven to get the next Advance Coin. Head down the warp pipe.

If you had not taken the block to Coin Heaven, the path ahead consists of smaller Note Block platforms separated by larger gaps, and more red Paratroopas patrolling said gaps. The main path and the exit to Coin Heaven converge at a large Note Block valley where several green Paratroopas bounce around, which can be a challenge to get around. At the center of the valley is an Advance Coin. To the right is another valley with a lone Paragoomba, and a warp pipe above it leading into a bonus stage. This is a test of your Koopa-hopping skills, as you must jump off a series of Paratroopas to get an Advance Coin. Fortunately, you can use the warp pipe to reset the bonus stage as much as you want if you fail.

Some more minor small platforms ahead will take you to the largest Note Block valley with a more pronounced v-shape. There are also a pair of Paragoombas and an inverted pentagon formation of Note Blocks. Get on to the highest row of Note Blocks and spring up to get the last Advance Coin. Finally, hop on and over the moving platform, avoid two more Paratroopas and carefully bounce on the last three single Note Blocks to reach the end.

e-12 Armored Airship


Lemmy is taking his brand new airship out for a spin. Smash it before he starts causing any trouble!

This level is similar in style to the airship stages from the main game, a long autoscrolling obstacle course. Right off the bat, you must confront a Bullet Bill launcher, a wrench-throwing Monty Mole and a wall-mounted cannon. You will take out three more Monty Moles as you progress up to the rear deck of the first airship, whereupon you'll be fired at from two cannons below. To get to the next airship, you must use the Bolt Lifts that connects the two, collecting an Advance Coin along the way.

The second airship pits you against the ship's impressive ordnance. Coming down the bow of the ship toward the center, you will face a lot of Rocket Engines pointed upward or to the right. Following that is a Bullet Bill launcher and a rotating cannon up ahead. There's another Bolt Lift that you must use to grab the second Advance Coin. Further ahead is another rotating cannon and a Monty Mole and a steep wooden stairway. When you reach a long metal track for the Bolt Lift, hit it from below to bring the bolt to the left, then hop on to the deck above that is barely offscreen. The scrolling screen will soon reveal an Advance Coin you can only collect from up there.

The remainder of the course mainly deals with Monty Moles guarding the captain's quarters. Before you head into the pipe, go off the right to find one more Advance Coin. Carefully wind the Bolt Lift past the barrier and out toward the back as far as you can to grab it. The airship will shift up and down which can make this task quite disorientating. The fight with Lemmy Koopa is the same as in World 6, with Lemmy still getting around on a huge rubber ball.

e-13 Ice Dungeon


This chilly ice structure has sections above ground and underground, with the underground ice cave infested with nasty enemies. Chain Stars to get big points, and some extra lives.

Head into the pipe to start your underground trek. Go left first through a tunnel with both Spinies and Buzzy Beetles crawling above. They like to drop from the ceiling and roll toward you to attack, but have a habit of knocking each other out. At the end of the corridor is a spring that you can use the reach the first Advance Coin on a high-up ledge, as well as a power-up block.

Go right from the entry pipe and take out the Goombas. If you have a Super Leaf, build up meter on the flat ground here and fly up into the ceiling cavity to find a warp pipe that takes you above ground. Jump over the stairway and duck under the ice blocks ahead to reach an Advance Coin. You will reach another ice stairway further ahead. First, take the spring and drop it between the wooden blocks on the othe side of the stairs so you can bounce back if you make a mistake. Make another slide under the ice stairs to reach the Toad e-Coin! The exit pipe out of the bonus stage drops you near the ceiling pipe.

Ahead of the pipe, you will notice three blocks in a row. Get the Star from the right block and sprint forward. You will take out any enemies in your way, and you get to extend your Star effect by hitting the question blocks in your way. After some Goombas, the ground will give way to four circular platforms patrolled by Spike Tops, with an Advance Coin between the platforms. If you didn't get rid of the Spike Tops with the Star, getting the coin will be quite difficult.

You can easily reach the ledge to the exit pipe from the circular platforms, but there's one more secret if you still have a Super Leaf power-up. Use the strip below the five coin blocks to build up speed, then fly across the circle platforms, under the ledge to reach another pipe. Hit the P-Switch and head through the pipe to get to the ending area, where you can get the final Advance Coin under some coins before finishing the level.

e-14 A Sky-High Adventure


Navigate the endless doors of a colorful skyscraper to increase your Advance Coin collection. Use the Tanooki Suit to uncover secrets.

If you jump around the start of the level, you will hit some blocks that you can't see, but can interact with such as standing on them. If you have the Tanooki Suit, you can make these blocks visible by turning into a statue. Jump across some pipes to reach the base of a tall building. There are two doors you can enter, but you can also skip right past them. Up ahead is a Spiny trapped by brick blocks, with a pair of grey blocks you can't destroy without the Hammer Suit or the Tanooki Suit. To the right is the end of the level!

While you can go to the exit really early, your main objective in this course is finding the Advance Coins. Go into the left door at the base to begin your search. There are some coins and a power-up in this room, but you only have one new door to go through. Back outside, jump across the platforms and enter through another door. Ignore the coins up the shaft and jump up the platforms to the left and exit through that door.

Jump across some more platforms outside to reach a balcony. If you have the Super Leaf equipped, run off the balcony and fly back to the left to reach the door underneath. Pull the vegetable out beside the door and head in. You're back in the previous room except you're placed right next to an Advance Coin in a bubble. The vegetable you brought in as well as the two vegetables from the ground near the bubble is sufficient to pop it. Jump down the shaft and retrace your steps back to the balcony.

Back on the balcony, go through the door to enter a large hall. Head left to find another door that will drop you onto a moving cloud. Jump up the cloud platforms beside the building to reach the roof, then make a running leap and follow the coins to a floating island. The door here leads to a secret room containing an inaccessible 1-Up and a Tanooki Suit at the bottom. On your way out, you can use your Tanuki Suit not only to see the invisible blocks surrounding the 1-Up, but also break through the grey blocks to get it.

Make your way back to the balcony and hit the brick block to extend a vine. Go up the vine and hop on to the moving platform, and enter the building through the door. This will take you to a maze of invisible blocks and some grey blocks you must break to progress. There are also Hotheads you can extinguish with Tanooki Statue Mario. Locate the Advance Coin in this room and exit through the door at the top.

Return to the balcony again and go through the door. This time, jump up the platforms to the next floor and use the flat floor here to get a running start, then fly up the shaft to the right. You will see a door in midair, but there's an invisible block beneath it that you can stand on to use the door. This door takes you to a bonus area with sides that wrap around. Jump up the stairs full of red Koopas and wrap around to the left to reach the higher platforms, then keep ascending to find an Advance Coin. The exit pipe drops you back on to the balcony.

Go into the door again and jump back on to the second floor. Go up the brick blocks to another door and take the yellow switch beside it. Carry the switch down and hit it, then hit the P-Switch below. Jump back to the door above using the new blocks created by the yellow switch and exit to drop on to a moving platform. Enter the door it takes you to and drop through the coins to get another Advance Coin.

Finally, drop back to the ground. This time, take the right door at the base of the building to enter a room full of invisible blocks. Use the Tanooki Suit's statue form to reveal the block formation so that you can grab the final Advance Coin. With that, you can finally exit the course with full completion.

e-15 Sea to Sky


This coastal castle will see you diving in to the depths of the ocean, then soar high into the sky. Switch power-ups to take on each environment.

Your first obstacle is a pool with Cheep Cheeps swimming in it. Across a bridge is a tall wooden structure with some pipes going through it. Hit the P-Switch and enter the lower pipe to the right to an underwater section. Quickly go up the left pipe to grab the Advance Coin before the P-Switch expires. You will also get the Cape power-up, which will let you fly similar to a Raccoon Suit but more in a gliding fashion. Use the right pipe and loop around to return to the top of the structure. Head on across a second bridge. Beware of the lone Pile-Driver Micro Goomba at the end.

There is a wide pool with Cheep Cheeps that you can either swim or fly across, after which you'll reach a sunken castle. More Pile-Driver Micro Goombas are hiding among the brick blocks. Once you reach a tall brick tower, go down the warp pipe at its base to enter the next area. Alternatively, you can fly over the tower and use the pipe on the other side to get a Frog Suit before taking on the next area.

You are now underwater. Dive toward the bottom, staying out of the way of the Cheep Cheeps as well as some Lava Lotuses. If you have the Frog Suit, you can swim against the current coming from the pipe on the sea floor to reach a secret area containing an Advance Coin. Use the sideways pipe to progress. Now you must swim up a considerably more dangerous stretch of water. Rip Van Fish, an enemy from Super Mario World, appears in droves. If you disturb their sleep by getting close, they will chase you down relentlessly. One such fish guards an Advance Coin to the side. After that is a Jelectro minefield, followed by two more Rip Van Fish before the pipe.

The pipe takes you back on land with another Cape Feather you must use to finish the course. Go to the left to find a yellow switch. Hit it and run around on the platform with triangular blocks to build up speed, then fly to the top following the coin trail. There is another switch and a pipe here. Ignore the pipe and hit the switch, then jump on to the lower row of yellow blocks. Get a running start and fly up the left side of the higher row of blocks until you reach an Advance Coin surrounded by brick blocks. Break into it from below and grab the coin.

Drop down and hit the yellow switch again, then dash up the higher row of blocks this time. Doing so will take you to a pipe which will put you high above the ending area. Fall slowly following the coins to collect one more Advance Coin until you reach the bottom, then head for the exit.