Super Mario 63/Snowman's Land

Snowman's Land is the first 'snowy' land and the 2nd main course of the game. It contains 5 Shine Sprites and 6 Star Coins, just like any other main course.

The Secret of the IglooEdit

The last of the shine sprites, "The Secret of the Igloo", is located in a sub-stage inside an Igloo, which introduces the player to the metal, invisibility, and invincibility power-ups. The special feature of this stage is that the player needs to pass through the same locations multiple times to get one shine sprite.

Multiple power-ups normally add up, but in this stage, only one power-up can be activated at a time. This is necessary in order to be able to get the shine sprite.

Upon entering the Igloo, one has to jump into a hole barred with metal cap stars, F.L.U.D.D. use is also disabled, as it would bee too easy otherwise. The stage is filled with water and metal cages. First, the player in a metal state needs to jump and run to the right until reaching an invisibility star. Swimming there is not possible despite of water, as the character in a metal state sinks in water.

When reaching the right edge of the stage, a shine sprite is in visible range, but not reachable yet, as the player needs to both swim above the bottom death barrier without sinking down, and jump on metal cages to reach the shine sprite. One needs to collect the invisibility power-up, which deactivates the metal power-up in this stage, and swim the entire way to the left, during which one passes through a metal cage as enabled by this power-up, until reaching a sling star.

The sling star shoots the player to the right again. An invincibility star is collected in the air, allowing the player to both swim and jump on metal cages to reach the shine sprite.