Suomen kieli ulkomaalaisille

Finnish Language for Foreigners (Grammar)

Finnish Language For Foreigners is a translation of the Finnish Wikibook "Suomen kieli ulkomaalaisille". It is not meant to be read from front to back. Rather it is a reference book in development to provide explanatory texts on all the main aspects of Finnish. ´

It focuses heavily on the technical aspects of the Finnish language that those starting to learn the language must grasp. It therefore explains the Sounds, Phonetics, Grammar as well as some other technical structures of the language.

To help you learn Finnish the book retains many of the texts of the original Finnish, with the English translation alongside. By learning the Finnish grammar terms you will be able to speak about these matters with Finns in real life.

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Readers of Finnish Language for Foreigners should also use the companion book

Finnish Language in Use (Practical Finnish)

Finnish Language in Use is a much more practical level language study book. Finnish Language in Use has texts and some sound files that are graded for complexity. These texts are mostly taken from every day situations, for example news articles, advertising flyers, posters, official letters, internet chats and so forth, thus providing a wide range of examples of the language as it is actually used today. Texts and Sound files are posted here and are translated by students and checked by persons skilled in both English and Finnish. These real life texts will link back to the Grammar in Finnish Language for Foreigners and will help students to see how the language works at a practical level.

Also in development at Wikibooks is


which is a coursebook for learners of Finnish with lessons and exercises.

Taken together, these three books will provide a useful resource for anyone learning the Finnish language.

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