Steganography/Net neutrality

Bandwidth throttling edit

Although ISPs may actively throttle bandwidth, there are several known methods to bypass the throttling of a user's bandwidth, if the throttling is focused on a particular protocol.

  • VPN – Generally costs a monthly fee to rent, but offers users a secure connection where data cannot be intercepted.
  • Force Encryption – Free method that works for some users.
  • Seedbox – A dedicated private server, usually hosted offshore, that offers high speed upstream and downstream rates and often storage for a relatively high monthly cost.
  • SSH Tunneling

Zero-rating edit

Some ISP's sometimes they tempt with type offers "Facebook/Netflix/Wikipedia/Other popular services zero", which means don't charge a data transfer limit. It's similar to modem. For example does exists project facebook-tunnel usage tuncap or transports by the same author using HTTP.