Security IT/Bypass firewalls

Bypassing firewall is easy, just look for a host name.

Sometimes, the host name is a web page that you can access for free like ( or a webpage when you don't have data your ISP send you to).

Download port scanner and put the host name, it will give you the IP address and the port number.

Put them in settings on APN and you will need xp psiphon apk and type the address and port numbers.

Or download openvpn and create an account online on then download the .ovpn file.

Or download psiphon pro .it will automatically connect and you can download for free and access web pages that restrict when you access them.


  1. Install server
apt-get install openssh-server
  1. open 22 port:
iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dcport 22 -j ACCEPT
  1. Reset server
/etc/init.d/ssh restart
  1. Connect with our server:
ssh wikibooks@
  1. change port make in file:

to use it for tunneling apps, enter IP address and port in proxy settings SOCKS.