Sport Innovation/Active Network/Sports Event Management Software

Sport Management Software is the product page presenting tools targeted event organizers and features a short explanation of the sports software, target groups and advantages for potential users. A interactive preview of screenshots showing six different tools/features is offered; Total sport league or club management from any internet connection, Robust and flexible event attendee reports, Social media marketing tools, Email design, delivery and tracking tools, Custom sports league registration and membership form, Secure online payment processing. Furthermore, an entire section is dedicated to explaining how end users (participants at an event) should have a flawless encounter with the registration process, and what this process entails, that is, other than easy-to-use registration forms, confirmation email ensuring that both registration and payment has been successful. Furthermore, end users have the opportunity to log in at any time leading up to the event, to update details, renew membership etc., all without the need of assistance from the organizers. On the same site, the features of the Sports software package is briefly explained.

  • Online Sports Registration – used to customize an events online registration form and gather information on the participants.
  • Merchandise Sales – platform for event merchandise sales
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Financial Management – budget and estimation tools
  • Free Custom Websites
  • Social Media Marketing – by clicking on the Facebook icon, its possible to like and thus to post comments on the companies Facebook page – both as an individual as well as an event organizer.

By filling out a simple event-manager-registration form, an optional free account is offered, and full access to the Active’s sports software can be obtained, payment is only necessary if you as manager chose to actually use the software to promote your event, unless you chose to “push” your fee for the use of Active sports management software, to the participants – as part of the registration fee. The event manager registration form can be accessed in two ways; a complete form is featured on the cite and is ready to be filled out. Another way is by clicking a “Sign Up For Free” button, by doing so the user is linked to a simpler cite, only featuring the same registration form. Having two similar registration features seems somewhat unnecessary.

At the site, two sorts of references is used, one featuring a written recommendation from an event organiser, another depicting the logos of four sporting organizations, one of these being Ironman.

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