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Emerald Hill Zone

Screenshot of Emerald Hill Zone.

A green island with big fields and beaches and other tropical islands in the distance.

Act 1 edit

Act 2 edit

Boss edit

The boss of this Zone is comprised of a car equipped with a drill bit in front and driven by Dr. Robotnik. After seven hits, Eggman shoots the drill bit at Sonic; one more hit destroys his machine.

Chemical Plant Zone

Screenshot of Chemical Plant Zone Act 1

A zone themed on a large industrial plant, producing the deadly Megatox compound (the strange pink water).

Act 2 edit

Boss edit

Screenshot of Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 Boss

The Boss of this zone is a goo shooter piloted by Robotnik. The platforms on the left and right keep disappearing. You will loose if you fall down. Robotnik will suck up water in his machine and when full will aim the bucket at you. Robotnik is vulnerable while he is sucking up the water, however he does it over the disappearing platforms.

Aquatic Ruin

Screenshot of Aquatic Ruin Zone Act 1

An ancient ruin located in a forest valley partially submerged in water.

Act 1 edit

Act 2 edit

Boss edit

Two pillars rise out of the ground trapping Sonic between them. Dr. Robotnik flies above them and hammers them, causing arrows to shoot out from them. Robotnik flies too high to be hit by Sonic, you must stand on the arrows and jump from them to hit Robotnik.

  • As the pillars rise from the ground, jump on them to reach Robotnik.

Casino Night Zone

Screenshot of Casino Night Zone

A city that never sleeps, full of pinball rooms, flashing lights, and slot machines.

Items edit

Slot Machine edit

The slot machines give out different prizes depending on when the reels land (Sonic, Tails, Ring, Bar, Jackpot or Robotnik). In addition, a Jackpot or two can also act as a wild card or wild cards, rewarding rings even though the other reel(s) are not Jackpots. One Jackpot and two icons give out the standard prize, but two Jackpots will double the standard prize for the third icon. A Bar will also give out rings depending on how many there are. Note that in this case, Jackpots only act as doublers in the case of only Jackpots and Bars, i.e., two Bars with one Jackpot is worth 40 rings, and one Bar with two Jackpots is worth 80 rings, but one Bar and one Jackpot is only worth 2 rings.

Act 2 edit

Boss edit

Dr. Robotnik tries to defeat Sonic with his neon spike-ball machine.

Hill Top Zone

Hill Top Zone is a dichotomy, featuring both lava-pits and icy elements.

Act 1 edit

Some enemies here are hard to avoid, such as an enemy type that shoots out 4 fireballs.

Act 2 edit

Act 2 plays similar to Act 1, except for the addition of a Boss.

Boss edit

The boss fight takes place in a lava pit. Here Robotnik shoots the player character with fireballs. Consistant attacks are a good strategy.

Mystic Cave Zone

Act 1 edit

Jump to dodge the long spiky bricks.

The only badnik you should be worried about is a bug enemy who turns yellow. While this enemy is yellow, it cannot be hit.

Act 2 edit

Act 2 plays similarly to Act 1 except for the boss.

Boss edit

Dodge spike-like rubble and hit him 8 times to win.

Oil Ocean Zone

Oil Ocean Zone is a zone where Robotnik dumps his oil

Act 1 edit

Watch out for flying sea-horses who shoot plasma at you, and the spikes, and those green things that blow you up to the air

Act 2 edit

Keep moving to avoid drowning in the oil.

Boss edit

He's easy. All you have to do is hit him frequently and dodge his spiky arm he throws from the oil and a laser that will set the platform you are on ablaze.

Metropolis Zone

The longest stage, composed of three acts, as in the first Sonic game. It consists of a mechanical complex or city, with various machinery, gadgets and devices.

Sky Chase Zone

A stage with no boss, Sonic flies on the wings of the Tornado, piloted by Tails, and defeats badniks while chasing after Robotnik's flying fortress.

Wing Fortress Zone

Robotnik's aerial fortress. It is a large stage with weapons, rotors, and the like. Falling off the stage is possible. The boss is a machine on the ceiling that regularly shoots lasers, coupled with three flying spiked platforms. Laser barriers prevent Sonic from leaving the enclosure the fight is in.

Death Egg Zone

Screenshot of Death Egg Zone

In this zone Sonic must battle against 2 bosses, a silver Sonic robot and Mecha-Robotnik (a giant armored battle suit). There are no rings available and Sonic is alone without Tails for help.

After defeating the bosses Sonic will run out of the exploding Death Egg and skydive back down, and is caught by Tails' plane (unless you have managed to collect all the Chaos Emeralds; in that case Super Sonic flies alongside the plane).


Stage Select edit

Screenshots of stage select

In the options screen play music 19, 65, 09, 17, then press Start. This should return you to the title screen. Hold A and press Start again and a level select menu should appear.

Receive All Chaos Emeralds edit

In the level select screen, play music 04, 01, 02, 06. 06 will be the sound heard when you receive a Chaos Emerald instead of what it normally is, if the cheat was done properly. Now you may go to any level. To turn into Super Sonic, collect fifty (50) rings and then jump.