Software Engineering with an Agile Development Framework/Whole process/Communicate

1. Within group

2. With stakeholders (especially client)

3. With peers and community

The aim of the capstone projects at the culmination of the degree programme is to “make learning real, by integrating theory and practice through authentic problems, processes and deliverables” (Fincher et al. 2001 p57).

Mnagement document

Client satisfaction letters. Characteristic - professionalism and communication.

Fincher, S., Petre, M, and Clark, M. Eds. (2001). Computer Science Project Work: Principles and Pragmatics. London, Springer. 267p

Group communication

Case study Use your noodle

Group: Gena Salmon, Michael Brown and John Stefani for Iain Bonney

Use your noodle is an online Educational Resource for subscribed school students aged 7 – 12, that allows students to further develop their Mathematical and Literacy skills through tailored lessons.

The project is stand alone; it’s entirely a new business venture for the client based on a lack of online resources available. The teaching method is essentially involves online dynamic lessons which are based on the current curriculum for 7 - 12 year olds. The lessons are to be structured by the clients who are both teachers, as we have explained to the client we have placed a strong emphasis on what the objectives of each lesson are.

  • Online Maths lessons that students can interact with and submit
  • Online Literacy lessons that students can interact with and submit
  • Teacher Feedback on submitted lessons
  • Peer Feedback
  • Individual logins for students
  • Personalised Lesson Design themes for students
  • Interface theme options
  • Payment options for school terms

In this first meeting of the group, details such as phone numbers and emails are shared, as are other work commitments. Other commitments and expectations should be discussed very early in the project.

Good features of productive meetings shown here: action points, next meeting, following up with client. It is also clear that these are "working" meetings rather than just talking.

During implementation, the group established links with developer communities. These links proved valuable for advice and trouble shooting.