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As a Wikibook, anyone can contribute to it. It will be a work-in-progress for a long time. Your contributions might be anything from fixing a typo to creating a new page, or using a page's Discussion tab to raise questions or point out things that need a better explanation. If you are new to Wikibooks you can find help at Help:Contents.

Local manual of style


There are few rules, but it is nice to have a consistent style throughout the book. There is an overiding Manual of style for Wikibooks, otherwise please try to follow the style used on similar pages or in these guidelines. But don't worry about breaking the rules as errors are easily fixed.

  • Use British English.
  • Use a single layer of subpages, Book_Title/Page_name — Do not nest them, Book_Title/Section/Page_name.
  • Add new pages to the Contents page and to the printable version.
  • Most pages should only be marked 100% complete once they have been independently reviewed and tested, and when most of the other pages are in place and everything is fully integrated with appropriate links.

Wikicode snippets


Some common wikicode used throughout the book:

  • Template for a new page:
{{TOC right}} contents go here

  • Template for a new tutorial code page:
==Tutorial code - XXXXX==

This is the code for the tutorial [[{{BOOKNAME}}/XXXXX|XXXXX]]

{{warning|This code block must be merged with the standard [[../Tutorial code|'Hardware definitions']] code before it can be assembled}}

  • See Also hatnote:
{{see also|{{BOOKNAME}}/XXXXX|l1= TEXT FOR LINK}}

For more general help with editing these links may help:



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