Sidux/Useable applications/Wine

Wine (Wine is not an emulator) is an environment which works on Unix-like systems (Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD)
and can run applications designed for Windows OS.
I can't say that Wine suits for virtualization applications chapter and it's not an emulator too.
But I put Wine to the chapter because it makes similar job than virtual machines.

Wine installation - stable version

1. It's available in Debian repositories:
apt-get install wine
2. To check Wine settings go to: Menu-> System-> Wine Configuration.


Wine installation - development version

You can try non-stable version if you want.
1. First add new repository address:
deb sid main
to file:
2. Receive public key:
wget -O - | apt-key add -
3. And install application:
apt-get update
apt-get install wine

DLL libraries, fonts and other components installation

To run Windows OS softwares under Wine you need to get some libraries I installed using one of tools:


"Winetricks" script is available on:
1. To download it right click on the link and choose: "Save it as..."
2. If you don't know what you should install using winetricks, run it in Terminal to open its GUI:
sh winetricks
and choose packages you need.
3. Second way to install basic libraries is typing command:
sh winetricks allfonts riched20 richtx32 gecko autohotkey dcom98 d3dx9 mfc40 wsh56 msi2
4. Full list available libraries, fonts and applications is here:


Good choice to install "Windows" applications with "Wine" is using "PlayOnLinux".
1. Installation from repositories:
apt-get install playonlinux
2. Run it from Menu-> Applications-> Games-> PlayOnLinux.
3. Click on "Install" to open applications list.
4. The application is very easy to use, just mark a program to be installed and "Apply" to do so.

Others - not supported

  1. Winetools
  2. Wine-doors

Windows applications installation

Now you can install Windows applications.
Just remember that Wine is only an environment simulates Windows OS so you can't run any application.
There is a list below of applications compatible with Wine.

Wine repositories applications

Open sources version of some applications can be installed using "winetricks", for example:
"7-zip" archivizer, "divx" and "xvid" codecs, "flash" plugin, "IE6" or "IE7" web browsers
having command in Terminal, for example:
sh winetricks ie7 

"exe" applications

If you downloaded an "exe" software you can install it in two ways:
1. In Thunar file manager mark the package and choose from mouse menu: Run with "Wine".
2. Or in Terminal (never as root) with the command:
wine application_name.exe
3. The installation runs in the same way as under Windows but applications are installed in folder:
/home/user_name/.wine/drive_c/Program Files
4. To run an application:
a. Menu-> Other-> Application name
b. Open Thunar file manager and go to folder as above and right click on it: Run with "Wine"
c. Or in Terminal:
wine /home/user_name/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Application Folder/application.exe
5. If you want to uninstall an application, use Wine uninstaller:
Menu-> System-> Wine Uninstaller then mark the application and click on: Uninstall.

"msi" applications

"msi" applications needs "msi2" package I installed before using "winetricks".
1. To install "msi" application:
msiexec /i application_name.msi
2. To run the application do the same like for "exe" applications.
3. To uninstall it:
msiexec /x application_name.msi
4. A list of "msiexec" script commands is here:


To be not treated as a writer only I did a few testing installations.
Not all of theme has been finished successful but it doesn't mean you can't make it better.
1. Internet Explorer 7, installations:
sh winetricks ie7
a. The application has been installed well but it works without navigation panels. 4.png
2. Internet Explorer 6.
a. I was not happy with IE7, I removed it and tried to install IE6:
sh winetricks ie6


b. Installator downloaded packages so I agreed with the licence but IE6 did not want to run.
3. Next I tried to install "IE6" using "IEs4Linux" script downloaded from:
a. Next extract it and run "ies4linux" script
b. It'll download and install "IE6" itself
c. The effect is the same as last time - negative.
3. Winamp - has been installed and works very well.


I want to say that very clear -  I installed random applications.
Installation problems on my computer don't mean that it'll be the same on yours.
The best way to find out is checking it yourself.

  1. Wine home page:
  2. Wine on Wikipedia:
  3. Wine Wiki page:
  4. WineTools page:
  5. Wine-doors page:
  6. Winetricks page:
  7. Applications list compatible with Wine:
  8. IEs4Linux page: