Sidux/Useable applications/VoIP telephony

VoIP telphony (Voice over Internet Protocol) lets making calls to landlines or mobiles with cheap prices.


If you want to make VoIP calls you have to do 3 things:
1. Create an account on any VoIP provider web side.
2. Pre-paid your account.
3. Install one of available VoIP application.

VoIP providersEdit

There are two providers I tried by myself, more you can find on a web side below.
1. Skype Out
2. Freeconet
3. or check it here:


Kphone is very small but fully working VoIP application.
1. Installation:
apt-get install kphone libqt3-mt
2. The installation script doesn't make Menu entry, so you can do it yourself:
mousepad /usr/share/applications/kphone.desktop
copy and past text below in:
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=VoIP telephony
and save the file (the icon patch can be vary).
3. Run it from: Menu-> Network-> Kphone
4. As a first step configure your account:
a. In "User part of sip URL" type your user name or number you got from VoIP provider.
b. In "Host part of sip URL" type VoIP provider sip address such as:
c. In "Authentication Username (optional)" type your user name again.
d. As a next step type your password marking "Save password".
4. In: Preferences tab-> Phone Book you may add your contacts.

5. To make a phone call type a phone number in search fild and click on phone icon.


Kphone home page:
More about Kphone on Wikipedia:

Others applicationsEdit

There are not too many configuration differents for all VoIp applications so I suggest to try:
  1. Linphone: and
  2. Ekiga: and
  3. X-lite:
  4. Zoiper:
  5. Twinkle:

More about VoIP on Wikipedia: