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Sidux/Useable applications/Office suites

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An office suite is a set of applications for creating or editing text files, draws, bases, etc.

GNOME OfficeEdit

There are GNOME Office's two applications pre-installed with sidux:
  • AbiWord - text editor: Menu-> Office-> AbiWord
  • Gnumeric - a spreadsheet: Menu-> Office-> Gnumeric
Some Linux distributions sometimes have pre-installed more applications of the suite such as:
  • Evince document viewer
  • GIMP raster graphics editor
  • Inkscape vector graphics editor
  • Epiphany web browser
  • Evolution e-mail client
  • and more...

More about GNOME Office suite on:
And on Wikpiedia:

OpenOffice.orgEdit suite is an integrated set of applications:
  • Writer - word processor supports a large number of text file forms.
  • Draw - vector graphics editor.
  • Impress - presentation program.
  • Calc - spreadsheet.
  • Base - database management program.
  • Math - tool for creating and editing mathematical formulas.
1. To install it type in terminal as root:
apt-get install 
2. And run it from: Menu-> Office->

The project home page:
On Wikipedia:
And on Wikibooks:


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