Sidux/Useable applications/Image viewers

A graphic viewer is an application lets you watch graphic files, organize, print or simply edit.
sidux has three graphic viewers pre-installed: GPicView, Ristretto and Feh.

GPicView edit

GPicView is simply and light application designed for LXDE environment.
It has just a few function to use such as: rotation to the right, left, etc.
Run it from: Menu-> Graphics-> Image Viewer.

Home page:
More on Wiki project page:

Ristretto edit

Ristretto is a simply and light application too and it's installed with XFCE environment.
It can rotate files, show thumbs and make slide show.
Run it from: Menu-> Graphics-> Ristretto.

Home page:

Feh edit

Feh is quick and very light graphic viewer managing from text console.
To open a graphic file choose "Feh" from mouse menu or type in Terminal:
feh /graphic_file_patch

Home page:

gThumb edit

gThumb is a graphic organizer, viewer and simply editor designed for GNOME environment.
Using "gPhoto" gThumb can download photos directly from digital cameras.
gThumb lets you:
a. make a pre-view of file system.
b. create and manage photo files and folders.
c. make slide show.
d. import photos from digital cameras.
e. basic edition.
1. Installation:
apt-get install gthumb gphoto
2. Run it from: Menu-> Graphics-> gThumb.
3. To import photos from a digital camera go to: File-> Import.

4. If you want to edit a graphic file click on palette icon on right top bar.

Home page:
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Picasa edit

Picasa is an application for organizing, watching and simply editing graphic files.
Using Picasa you can:
a. create and burn photo presentation on CD.
b. edit photos (basic functions).
c. display hidden EXIF photo's informations.
d. print.
e. send photos out by an e-mail or put theme on Blogger or Picasa Web Albums.
1. The application you can download from:
2. Installation:
dpkg -i picasa_version_i386.deb
3. Run it from: Menu-> Others-> Picasa
4. You have to egree with the licence-> Next
then click on "I Agree".
5. Picasa will scan all your connected discs looking for graphics and videos.
6. To make basic editions of pictures go to:
a. Basic Fixes.
b. Tuning - colors edition.
c. Effects - additionals effects.
Just I have to add that it's a Windows version application joined with Wine and Gecko engine.

More about Picasa on:

Others edit

  1. Gwenview - graphic viewer for KDE:
  2. F-spot - graphic viewer and editor for GNOME:
  3. Digikam - graphic organizer for KDE:
  4. GLC Player:
  5. Mirage:
  6. KSquirrel:
  7. XnView:
  8. Konvertor: