Sidux/Useable applications/Image editors

Using graphic editors you can create or edit graphic files.
At previous chapter " Graphic viewers" I showed you a few application for watching, organizing
and basic editing graphic files.
This chapter is designed to applications for graphic files editors.

GIMP edit

GIMP (The GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a popular application for creating and editing raster graphics.
Using it you can do for example:
a. create graphics and logos.
b. change file sizes, cut theme off, etc.
c. change colors.
d. connect files using layers.
e. convert files to many different forms.
GIMP supports graphic forms like that: JPEG, BMP, PNG, XPM, TIFF, TGA, MPEG, PS, PDF, PCX, GIF...
1. Installation:
apt-get install gimp gimp-data gimp-data-extras
2. Run it from: Menu-> Graphics-> GNU Image Manipulation Program.

GIMP home page:
On Wikipedia:

Inkscape edit

Inkscape is a vector graphic editor application.
1. Installation:
apt-get install inkscape
2. Run if from: Menu-> Graphics-> Inkscape.


Inkscape home page:
On Wikipedia:
And on Wikibooks:

Blender edit

Blender is a 3D graphics application and can be used for creating and editing interactive 3D applications
such as video games, animated films or visual effects.
1. It is available in Debian's repositories:
apt-get install blender
2. Run it from: Menu-> Graphics-> Blender.

Blender home page:
And on Wikipedia:

Fotoxx edit

Fotoxx is a small application for basic graphics editing including panoramas making.
1. Installation:
apt-get install fotoxx libimage-exiftool-perl
2. Run it: Menu-> Graphics-> fotoxx.

Fotoxx home page:

Others edit

  1. AC3D - 3D graphics maker:
  2. Art of Illusion - 3D graphics editor:
  3. Gestalter - vector graphics maker/editor:
  4. Image2mpeg - slide shows movie maker using photos:
  5. K-3D - 3D graphics editor:
  6. Tuxpaint - drawing applications for kids:
  7. ImageMagick - bitmaps maker/editor:
  8. Cenon - graphics editor:
  9. Hugin - panoramas maker: