Sidux/Useable applications/Graphic environments

Writing the book I was working on XFCE graphic environment which is one of two supported by sidux
developers, the second one is KDE.
But sidux is in 100 % compatible with Debian so I can't see any reason to not try others environments.

KDE edit

Screenshot of KDE4 desktop environment
Screenshot of KDE4 desktop environment
KDE contains applications such as:
a. Konquror - web browser
b. Dophin - file manager
c. K3b - CD/DVD burning studio
d. Digikam - graphics files organizer and editor; supports digital cameras as well
e. KMail - e-mail client
f. Kopete - multi-messenger
g. Amarok - audio player
h. Kaffeine - video player
i. KTorrent - BitTorrent client

You can install KDE in two different ways:
1. Download sidux LiveCD "Lite" or "Full" version from project side: and make new installation from beginning.
2. Or install it with existing environment "Lite" version:
apt-get install kdelite
or "Full" version:
apt-get install kde-full
3. Next re-boot your system and choose on screenspash: Sesssion-> KDE.
4. You can set KDE as primary environment or run it for one session only.

KDE home page:
About KDE on Wikipedia:
Add-ons for KDE:

XFCE edit

1. If have you been installed sidux with KDE before and want to install XFCE as a second one:
apt-get install xfce4 thunar-archive-plugin xfce4-mixer xfprint4 orage xfce4-terminal 
desktop-base xscreensaver xfwm4-themes
2. After that log out and log in choosing; Sessions-> XFCE.
3. You can install sidux with XFCE from a CD of course too.
Screenshot of XFCE desktop environment
4. XFCE has applications such as:
a. Thunar - file manager
b. Mousepad - text editor
c. Xfmedia - audio and video player
d. Xfburn - CD/DVD burner
e. Orage - simply calendar
f. Ristretto - graphics files viewer.

XFCE home page:
On Wikipedia:
Add-ons for XFCE:

GNOME edit

Screenshot of GNOME desktop environment
Screenshot of GNOME desktop environment
Next graphic environment (not supported by sidux but supported by Debian) is GNOME.
It is a large environment (like KDE) with many applications such as:
a. Nautilus - file manager
b. Evolution - e-mail client
c. Epiphany - web browser
d. AbiWord - text processor
e. Brasero - CD/DVD burner
e. Ekiga - VoIP telephony client
f. Gimp - raster graphics editor
g. Pidgin or Empathy - multi-messenger
h. Totem - video player

1. "Lite" version installation:
apt-get install gnome-core gnome-audio
2. Or "full" version:
apt-get install gnome gnome-audio
3. After installation just log out and log in as before.

GNOME home page:
GNOME on Wikipedia:
Add-ons for GNOME:

LXDE edit

Screenshot of LXDE desktop environment
Screenshot of LXDE desktop environment
LXDE is a very light environment designed for older computers.
It has applications such as:
a. OpenBox - window manager
b. LXPanel - desktop panel
c. PCMan - file manager
d. Xarchiver - archivizer
e. GPicView - graphics viewer
apt-get install lxde

LXDE home page:
LXDE on Wikipedia:

Others edit

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