Sidux/Useable applications/File archivers

You have two applications for extracting and creating archives: Squeeze and Xarchiver.

Archives with Thunar edit

1. I use File Roller but it's a question of choice:
apt-get install file-roller 
a. If you want to extract and create archive from mouse menu just install Thunar file manager plugin:
apt-get install thunar-archive-plugin
b. And you can install a few packages for supporting additional formats:
apt-get install unrar rar p7zip-full
The "rar" package allows to make "rar" archive but it is a shareware version, needs registration after 40 days.

Archives in Terminal edit

If you have to extract archive files in text console, use commands as below:
a. "tar.bz2" package:
tar xfvj package_name.tar.bz2
b. "tar.gz" package
tar xfvz package_name.tar.gz
c. "zip" package:
d. "rar" package:
unrar e package_name.rar
e. "7z" (7zip) package:
7z e package_name.7z