Sidux/Useable applications/Desktop special effects

In this chapter I will explain how to run 3D desktop effects in a simply way using Compiz-Fusion.


1. For graphics environments based on "GTK+" libraries: GNOME, XFCE i LXDE I described in chapter:
Sidux/Useable applications/File managers make installation:
apt-get install compiz compiz-core compiz-gnome compiz-gtk compizconfig-settings-manager fusion-icon
compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-fusion-plugins-extra compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported
2. For KDE environment install:
apt-get install compiz compiz-core compiz-kde compizconfig-settings-manager fusion-icon
compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-fusion-plugins-extra compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported


1. The first thing to do is Compiz window manager activation which stops present window manager,
Xfwm4 for XFCE, Metacity for GNOME, OpenBox for LXDE or Kwin for KDE.
You can do it in two ways:
a. Run a command in Terminal or Menu-> Run program:
b. Or choose from: Menu-> System-> Compiz Fusion Icon.
c. The icon will load to Desktop panel so choose from its menu: Select Window Manager-> Compiz.
d. If you want the icon to be loaded itself when system startup, add enter to:
Menu-> Settings-> Session and Startup-> Application Autostart-> Add->
Name: Fusion-icon
fusion-icon --no-start
e. If Compiz will not be loaded correctly, re-start it choosing from the icon menu: Reload Window Manager.


When Compiz is loaded, you can choose your favorite effects, just run from the icon menu: Settings Manager.
1. For example if you want to activate desktop cube effect go to:
a. Desktop-> mark "Desktop Cube" and "Rotate Cube".
b. Next go to: "Rotate Cube" and set: "Speed, Timestep and Zoom" as you want.
2. Go to: General-> General Options-> Desktop Size and set Horizontal Virtual Size for "4".
3. I suggest to activate "Window Decoration" in: Effects.
4. Rest of effects I propose to try yourself because they are too many to describe theme.
5. Additionaly you have an access to many 2D effects in KDE environment, running theme from:
a. Menu-> Computer-> System Settings-> Desktop-> Desktop Effects and mark:
Enable Desktop Effects and click on: Apply.
b. Next go to "All Effects", mark any effect you want and click on: Apply.

Turning off

After system re-starting Compiz will be started itself as a last chosen window manager.
If you don't want that, just choose from icon menu: Select Window Manager-> Xfwm4 or any depended of
graphic environment before you shoot the system down.

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