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Note: A bugle, trumpet, or cornet may be used to meet these requirements.

Boy Scout Troop 14 Bugler

Requirement 1 edit

Give a brief history of the bugle.

Requirement 2 edit

Do the following:

A. Explain and demonstrate how the bugle makes sound, and explain how the bugle is related to other brass wind instruments.

B. Compose a bugle call for your troop or patrol to signal a common group activity, such as assembling for mealtime or striking a campsite. Play the call that you have composed before your unit or patrol.

Requirement 3 & 4 edit

Requirement 3: Sound the following bugle calls: “First Call,” “Reveille,” “Assembly,” “Mess,” “Drill,” “Fatigue,” “Officers,” “Recall,” “Church,” “Swimming,” “Fire,” “Retreat,” “To the Colors,” “Call to Quarters,” and “Taps.” Requirement 4: Explain when each of the calls in requirement 3 is used.

Bugle Call Score Audio File When Call is Used
First Call:
Bugle Calls First Call
Used to signal the time to line up or get in formation for some activity.
Bugle Calls Reveille
Used as a wake up call. In the U.S. Army it is played while raising the flag.
Bugle Calls Assembly
Signals a call to formation or assembly in a designated spot.
Bugle Calls Mess
Used to announce "time to eat."
Bugle Calls Drill Call
Signals that it's time to assemble for a specific prearranged activity.
Bugle Calls Fatigue
Fatigue call (Audio) A call to perform a work duty. In the military, fatigue duty refers work that does not require arms and derives from work done while wearing fatigues.
Bugle Calls Officers Call
Used to call all officers or leaders together
Bugle Calls Recall
Signals an end to current activities and time to regroup.
Bugle Calls Church Call
Signals that worship services are about to begin. May also be used to announce the formation of a funeral escort.
Bugle Calls Swimming Call
Swimming call (Audio) Signals the start of a swimming period
Bugle Calls Fire
Announces an uncontained fire in the vicinity; can also be used for a fire drill. Can also be used as an alarm for another form of danger.
Bugle Calls Retreat
Signals the end of the day. Also known as the Sunset call. Usually played right before To the Colors.
To the Colors:
Bugle Calls To The Colors
A salute to the flag. It is used during raising or lowering. It is used in ceremonies requiring honors to the nation more than once after the national anthem of the United States.
Call to Quarters:
Bugle Calls Call To Quarters
Signals it's time to get ready for bed.
Bugle Calls Taps
Taps is played to indicate it's "light's out" and time for bed. Scouts often use it at the close of a camp or campfire. Taps has also evolved to be played at dusk, during flag ceremonies, and congress has designated that all veterans are entitled to a bugler at their funerals. When there is a lack of a bugler available, congress now allows a taped bugle. When you are good at your bugle playing, you can volunteer to wear your uniform and play at a funeral for one of American's veterans via Bugles Across America!

Requirement 5 edit

Explain how to care for, clean, and maintain a bugle.

Requirement 6 edit

Serve as bugler in your troop for three months.

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