SQLite/Downloading and using

Downloading edit

All tools as well as the C-sources and HTML-documentation you need to install sqlite3 on your computer are packed together in an archiveFile on SQLite's downloadPage.

In following files vv stands for version two digits following "3." uu=update (after ".vv.") and occasionally pp (usually 00) after ".uu."

As of now (12:31, 29 March 2020 (UTC)) vv=31, uu=01, pp=00

  • Tools are stored in one or more files depending on your Operating System:

Android edit


Linux edit

Mac OS X (x86) edit

Windows edit

Universal Windows Platform edit

Windows Phone 8 edit

Windows Runtime edit

.NET edit

Sources edit

Alternative sources edit

not recommended

Beta sources edit

Documentation (HTML) edit

Using edit

After unzipping and moving the content of the folder(s) under a directory in your %PATH% (or $PATH) you can use the executable sqlite3 from anywhere within your computer system.

Questions? edit

For questions, requests etcetera there is a forum.