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Below is the interview Joseph did with John Wilbanks (not to be confused with the lecture John Wilbanks gave, which can be found in the Readings section, or here).

Below is the lead-in lecture Joseph did and then Philip Andrews' presentation on the ProteomeCommons Project.

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Reviews of Opening Up Education

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Readings only this week; no required postings.

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Readings only this week; no required postings.

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March 14 AssignmentEdit

Assignment (given in class March 12):

Your group has $10,000,000 to spend within the next five years in a sub-Saharan country to address the Millennium Development Goals of "Reduce Child Mortality," "Improve Maternal Health," and "Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria, & Other Disease." The specific country does not matter, just assume that it faces all the issues raised in the MDG document.

  • Allocate that money across one to all five of potential areas listed below.
  • What percentage to healthcare worker and public health education?
  • What percentage to vaccination programs?
  • What percentage to retroviral drugs?
  • What percentage to malaria nets and other malaria prevention programs?
  • What percentage to clean water and sanitation system programs?
  • In any that you select, indicate the "SI-angle" to the effort. That is, what particular expertise would SI faculty, students, and graduates bring to such an area?
  • Briefly discuss why you made the allocation the way you did, thinking about such issues as scale, sustainability, ethics, efficacy, etc.
  • There is no right or wrong answer to the allocation, it's your justification that matters.

Goal is about two pages, single spaced per group. Email to ted AT umich DOT edu by Saturday 3/14/09 at midnight with the names of the group members in the document.