SI521 "Open Educational Resources at the University of Michigan" Open Textbook/Class Materials/wiki contributions

1. Everyone is required to do at least one 8-page chapter.

2. The "project" work can be: a) expanding your required 8 page chapter into a 16 page single topic chapter; b) another (different topic) 8 page chapter; c) an 8 page research paper on a topic we agree on; or, d) dScribing

3. Teaming is left open; you can do it if you like in the construction of chapters. If you team with someone, the chapter length is the sum of each individual's contribution - so a team of two would result in a 16 page chapter, a team of 3 in a 24 page chapter. I'd prefer, in order to get a number of chapters off the ground, that everyone do one by themselves. But I'm going to consider that as a simple recommendation, not a requirement. I could see someone doing a 16 page chapter by themselves, or doing an 8 page chapter by themselves and teaming with another person on a 16 page chapter, each contributing 8 pages to the team-written chapter, or teaming with the same or different people on two chapters, contributing 8 pages to each chapter.

4. Everyone will be reviewing two chapters done by someone else. This will result in overall comments useful to the authors as they progress in their writing, and specific suggestions, corrections or additions to the chapters under construction. The chapters you review can be chosen by you (with no more than 2 people reviewing any one chapter) or can be assigned by me, whichever you prefer. You'll see what chapters other are working on by Feb 12, and can start making your choices then.