SAT Study Guide/Part 2 - The Math Section

Introduction to the Math section


The Math section of the SAT covers several areas: first, it covers general concepts concerning numbers which you are expected to know. Second, it encompasses geometry, especially the properties of angles. Often, parts of the first two are used in coordination with the third area, Algebra. Also, some concepts from Algebra 2, particularly second degree equations, are tested as well.

The Math section contains, in general, around 50 questions. Each question has five answers. However, the Math section is different in that ten of these questions do not have multiple-choice answers. You are required to grid in your answers on these questions. Don't worry- they are similar to the other types of questions; make sure and study the probability portions of Chapter 1. Several different types of answers are allowed on this section.

Although the New SAT contains more straightforward math questions, you must still become used to solving unusual problems involving logic. This logic will build on general rules you can learn in the chapters listed above. The reason is linked to the College Board's philosophy about the test; they see it as more of an aptitude test than an assessment test. In the end, no one can teach you the logic behind the test, but you can study hard, and that will improve your score a lot.


  1. General Numerical Concepts
  2. Concepts from Geometry
  3. Concepts from Algebra
  4. Concepts from Algebra 2
  5. General Math Review