Rebol Programming/Third Party/Beer Framework

About BEEREdit

BEER stands for Block Extensible Exchange in REBOL. It is a framework to implement application protocols and solves the encapsulation, extensibility, and flow control problems. BEER is essentially a REBOL implementation of the BEEP Protocol plus additional features.

BEER offers simple framing, robust flow control, asynchrony and extensibility through profiles which permit direct implementation of the semantics of the problem domain.

It was inspired by IETF RFC 3080 and 3081, and it is fully asynchronous allowing for non-blocking user-interfaces.

Each API is called a Profile.

Principles and API of BEER foundation are documented here.

Async OperationEdit

BEER can give you fully asynchronous operation, which means you can do GUI operations and networking operations simultaneously.

Get BEEREdit