Rebol Programming

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Rebol Programming


This book covers the basics of Rebol programming, what Rebol actually does and why it's designed the way it is. It's not a reference manual and therefore doesn't contain a complete overview of all functions, but aims to teach the mechanics and principles of the language to give you a deeper understanding of it.

Guide to readers

This is a wikibook, as such you should learn a bit about what it is and how it does its magic.

The book is (or will be) organized into different parts (chapters), but as this is a work that is always evolving, things may be missing or just not where they should be, you are free to become a writer and contribute to fix things up.

Guide to writers

All Rebol developers who have interesting information are encouraged to come forward. It does not matter if you are not a stellar writer, as eventually it will be cleaned up. Although you can post to this book without registering, it is strongly advised that you do so so that we can discuss content which may be contentious.

It is advised at this point to try and keep meanings within the realm of common understanding by the REBOL community. Anything outside that realm should be stated as such.

Writing style

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