Rebol Programming/Internal utilities

Internal utilitiesEdit

The ViewtopEdit

The Viewtop is Rebol/View's builtin graphical desktop. It's mainly used to access programs available from various Rebol sites around the world. It can also be used to access files locally on your own PC.

Using the ViewtopEdit

On first startup, the Viewtop will come up automatically.

You can change the default behavior using the User Preferences menu item.

To start the Viewtop from the console type:

>> desktop


>> viewtop

Facts about the ViewtopEdit

The Viewtop is written as a range of mezzanine functions using the VID graphical user interface system and is essentially open source.

The text editorEdit

The text editor is handy for editing smaller scripts that are too large to write in the console. It's not very complex so it's not suited for larger projects. It can be launched from the console by writing:

>> editor none


>> editor ""

Or if you give a filename:

>> editor %script.r

You can then run scripts in the editor by pressing Ctrl-E.

You can also use it to view large data objects that are hard to study in the console:

>> editor system/view