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Extracting instruments from ensembles edit

Most library effects are available as both ensembles and instruments in the library, which makes it easy to assemble your own choice of effects instruments into new multi-effect ensembles. But occasionally you'll come across an ensemble, perhaps in the User Library, that includes one or more new effects instruments that you'd like to borrow. Any instrument within any ensemble can be saved as a standalone instrument by opening its contextual menu, choosing “Save Instrument As... ”, giving it a new name and storing it in a new location, from which you can insert it into any open ensemble, using the browser or the ensemble's contextual menu.


I always add the .ism suffix when I save an instrument this way, and keep .ism's in their own folder within my FX-favorites folder. This isn't strictly necessary; only instruments will show up when you scan a folder of ensembles and instruments in order to insert an instrument into an ensemble structure window. But the Browser is easier to use when huge folders are organized into subfolders.

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