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An addendum on tables edit

Here are a few table-related tips, plus a description of a new table-drawing instrument I've added to the pedal-driven tables ensemble; it allows you to create table curves using math modules, and it's sized to simplify copying and pasting from it into the pedal-driven tables.

The tips: A table has three modes: D (draw), S (select), and C (control). Change modes by clicking in the mode indicator box in the upper left hand of the table window, or by hitting the TAB key when the table is selected. D lets you draw in the table, S lets you select all or part by dragging in the table, and C locks the table so it can't be altered. To copy or paste from one table to another, or from one part of a table to another, both the source and the destination table or part must be selected. You can shift a selection vertically (scale it) by clicking and dragging up and down with the mouse when pressing Command (Mac) or Ctrl (PC), and shift horizontally (rotate it) by clicking and dragging right or left when pressing the Shift key.


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