Radium SmartChain/Transmission BitTorrent Ransomware Case

Mac users still impervious to malware? Think again.Edit

On March 7th, the first MAC ransom-ware was discovered on a recent update to the Transmission BitTorrent Client. The malicious software was downloaded 6,500 times before it was uncovered that it was not the real file version. Apple as well as Transmission have since released the correct file update and are now assisting all of the affected community members with removing the malware.

Transmission Ransom-ware File Alert

One-Click Verify Can HelpEdit

The Radium Smart-Chain is focusing on assisting open-source groups with securing the distribution of their software. If the Transmission software check-sums were registered on the Smart-Chain, all community members downloading the software could have utilized the One-Click Verify application to get an instant confirmation that the file was malicious.

One-Click Verify does direct comparisons of target file check-sums against the unalterable stored check-sums, which the developing organization publishes on the Radium Smart-Chain.

In this case, 6,500 users could have been spared the terror and frustration of having to remove this malware. The release article does not suggest how many users paid the ransom, but at $400 each One-Click would have been worth the small time investment for Transmission.

Get Your Files Published!Edit

To the Transition team or any other group reading this, contact Project Radium for details on getting your Check-sums published to the Smart-Chain.

You can read the whole article here: http://www.macrumors.com/2016/03/07/transmission-malware-downloaded-6500-times/