Radium SmartChain

Screenshot of Radium SmartChain
Screenshot of Radium SmartChain
Radium SmartChain

Overview edit

The Radium SmartChain is a software suite that brings extended functionality to the Radium Core block-chain. based identity management to the everyday user. It allows for the creation and management of digital identity that can then be used to digitally sign files and text. These unalterable digital signatures are recorded in the Radium Core block-chain, and can be used to prove authenticity, ownership, or possession of a file at a particular point in time.

Identities edit

A digital identity is created by pairing a username and other optional demographic data with a Radium Core public key, and recording that paring block-chain. The identity becomes publicly visible, and actions taken on behalf of that identity are validated using asymmetric key signing.

Identity Verification edit

Users can request that their Identity be verified by a third party who holds a verification key. Requests for Identity verification should be made to JJ12880, tm2013, Alaniz, or any other member of the development team. Verification is designed to provide confidence in user accounts, and prevent scamming from accounts with misleading usernames. In order to become verified, a user must prove their identity through an outside medium, such as through Telegram, Bitcointalk or other social media.

File Signature edit

Just like humans have unique fingerprints, digital files also have unique fingerprints called a hash. File hashes are generated by passing a file through a cryptographic hashing function. Using a digital identity, a user can sign a file hash, and create a public, permanent, and time-stamped record in the Radium Blockchain. This serves as a permanent record, and allows other users to check the authenticity of a file by looking up its hash and associated signatures that were previously recorded in the blockchain.

Text Notes edit

Using a digital identity, a user sign and record short pieces of text directly into the Radium blockchain. Notes are visible to everyone, and are cryptographically linked to their author. Notes are can be used for recording predictions, creating memorials, and for any other purpose requiring public, permanent, signed, and time-stamped text.

One Click Verify edit

One Click Verify is a standalone program that allows a user to look up the File Signature of any file on their computer. The One Click Verify installer creates an option in the windows right click context menu titled "Verify file with SmartChain" that when activated will calculate the File Signature of the selected file, and check it against known File Signatures in the Radium blockchain. The One Click Verify system operates independently, and does not require installation of Radium core or SmartChain core.

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