Radiation Oncology/Toxicity/Tattoos

Iatrogenic Radiation Tattoo Markers

  • Copenhagen (2006) -- punch excision vs YAG laser
    • Randomized. 10 patients, 20 tattoos, prior tattoo markers after breast cancer RT. Randomly given Arm 1) one punch biopsy vs Arm 2) YAG laser treatment x3, as a side-by-side comparison to nearby tattoo markers. Blinded observer evaluated efficacy and adverse effects
    • 2010 PMID 20236380 -- "Q-switched YAG laser vs. punch biopsy excision for iatrogenic radiation tattoo markers - a randomized controlled trial." (Bregnhoj A, J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. 2010 Mar 5. [Epub ahead of print])
      • Outcome: Comparable excellent clearance (NS), comparable satisfaction (NS). However, 8/10 preferred YAG laser due to more adverse effects with excision biopsy
      • Toxicity: Excision biopsy worse hypopigmentation (80% vs 0%) and scarring (80% vs 10%)
      • Conclusion: Both treatment effective, but patients preferred YAG laser because of fewer side effects