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Women: Testosterone ReplacementEdit

  • NCCTG N02C3 (2004-2005)
    • Randomized, cross-over. 150 postmenopausal women, history of cancer but NED, reported decrease in sexual desire, and a sexual partner. None on hormone replacement. Arm 1) 2% testosterone in Vanicream for 10 mg/day x4 weeks vs. Arm 2) placebo Vanicream, then crossed over for additional 4 weeks. Primary endpoint sexual desire/libido assessed at 4 and 8 weeks
    • 2007 PMID 17470735 -- "Randomized controlled trial to evaluate transdermal testosterone in female cancer survivors with decreased libido; North Central Cancer Treatment Group protocol N02C3." (Barton DL, J Natl Cancer Inst. 2007 May 2;99(9):672-9.
      • Outcome: mean testosterone significantly increased, but average libido change no different
      • Conclusion: No benefit, possibly because women on study were estrogen depleted