Radiation Oncology/Radiobiology/Proteins

Protein Overview

Protein Activity Pathway
PARP Single strand damage recognition BER
AP endonuclease Sugar reside excision BER
DNA glycosylase Base excision BER
DNA ligase I DNA ligation BER Long Patch
DNA ligase III DNA ligation BER Short Patch
DNA polymerase β Nucleotide repair BER Short Patch
DNA polymerase δ/ε Nucleotide repair BER Long Patch
Flap endonuclease 1 (FEN1) Endonuclease BER Long Patch
PCNA Adapter protein BER Long Patch
XRCC1 Complex with DNA ligase III BER Short Patch
XPA-XPG ssDNA repair NER
ERCC6 (CSB) DNA binding NER
ERCC8 (CSA) ERCC6 binding NER
Mre11-Rad50-Nbs1 (MRN) DSB recognition


DSB recognition


BRCA1 MRN regulation HR
Replication protein A (RPA) scaffold HR
RAD51 DNA homologue search HR
BRCA2 RAD51 loading HR
FANC-D BRCA2 loading

S-phase checkpoint

RAD52 facilitation HR
RAD54 facilitation HR
TopIIIA helicase HR
BLM helicase HR
Ligase I DNA ligation HR
Ku70/Ku80 DNA dsb scaffold NHEJ
DNA-PKcs DNA dsb bridge NHEJ
Artemis DNA endonuclease NHEJ
Ligase IV DNA ligation NHEJ
XRCC4 DNA ligation NHEJ
ATM dsb response DNA dsb damage response
ATR ssb response DNA ssb damage response
H2AX histone DNA scaffolding
p53 transcription factor genome control
p21 CDK2/CDK4/cyclin inhibition cell cycle control
cyclinD/CDK4 G1 phase cell cycle control
cyclinE/CDK2 S phase cell cycle control
cylinA/CDK2 S/G2 phase cell cycle control
cyclinB/CDK1 G2/M phase cell cycle control
Rb holds E2F in check cell cycle control
E2F G1 transcription factor cell cycle control
Chk1 S & G2 checkpoint cell cycle control
Chk2 S & G2 checkpoint cell cycle control
CDC25A S & G2 control cell cycle control
CDC25C S & G2 control cell cycle control
Fas ligand ligand apoptosis
FAS receptor receptor apoptosis
FADD adapter apoptosis
Bid extrinsic pro-apoptotic apoptosis
caspase 8 extrinsic pathway initiator apoptosis
Bax/Bak/Bim/Puma intrinsic pro-apoptotic apoptosis
Bcl-2/Bcl-xL anti-apoptotic apoptosis
Apaf-1 apoptosome apoptosis
caspase 9 intrinsic pathway apoptosis
caspase 3 apoptosis executor apoptosis
DFF DNA cleavage apoptosis
IAPs inhibitors of apoptosis apoptosis