Radiation Oncology/Pacemaker

Treatment of patients with pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs)

AAPM Task Group 34


AAPM Report No. 45 (PDF) - "Management of Radiation Oncology Patients with Implanted Cardiac Pacemakers" (Reprinted from Medical Physics, Vol. 21, Issue 1) (1994)


  1. Pacemaker implanted patients should not be treated with a betatron (okay...)
  2. Pacemakers should not be placed in the direct (unshielded) therapy beam. Some accelerator beams can cause transient malfunction.
  3. The absorbed dose to be received by the pacemaker should be estimated before treatment.
  4. If the total estimated dose to the pacemaker might > 2 Gy, the pacemaker function should be checked prior to therapy and possibly at the start of each following week of therapy. Since total and abrupt failure of pacemakers has been seen at cumulative doses between 10-30 Gy and significant functional changes have been observed between 2-10 Gy, early changes in pacemaker parameters could signal a failure in the 2-10 Gy region.
  5. Although transient malfunction from electromagnetic interference is unlikely from contemporary therapy accelerators and cobalt irradiators, the patient should be closely observed during the first treatment with a linear accelerator and during subsequent treatments if magnetron or klystron misfiring (sparking) occurs.
  6. Studies to date have dealt with linear accelerators, betatrons, and cobalt irradiators only. Use of other radiation therapy machines should be evaluated on an individual basis and approached with caution.


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