Radiation Oncology/Introduction

Radiation Oncology is a rapidly changing field with new advances being made daily. As a consequence, any textbook becomes out-of-date almost immediately after it is published. Thus, the WikiBook format is ideal for a textbook of radiation oncology, as updates can be made constantly as new information becomes available.

This textbook is meant to be used by residents, medical students, and practicing physicians in radiation oncology.

At the creation of this textbook, the emphasis was placed on keeping the content up-to-date in terms of publishing the results of major trials. It is not meant to be an encyclopedic work. It is impossible to include the results of all trials relating to radiation oncology. Publishing every little detail of each and every trial would bog down this resource and make it difficult to use. Its main purpose is to be a useful reference for those wishing to gain knowledge about clinical radiation oncology.

As it is a WikiWork, its purpose may change.

This book is dedicated to the patients who are the inspiration to those of us involved in this field, as well as to the pioneers in radiation oncology, without whom this textbook could not exist.

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