Radiation Oncology/Historical documents about radiation

Radiation history timeline

Interesting historical documents about radiation and its effects on humans or animals.

  • Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (1994-1995)

  • Wake Forest, 2005 PMID 17411764 -- "Publication rate of abstracts from the annual ASTRO meeting: Comparison with other organizations." (Papagikos MA, J Am Coll Radiol. 2005 Jan;2(1):72-5.)
    • Retrospective. Oral presentation ASTRO Abstracts 1999-2001
    • Publication rate: 56%, no difference based on country of origin, category, or study design. 50% published in 1 year, 90% in 2 years. Journals IJROBP 62%, JCO 8%, Radiotherapy and Oncology 3%