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RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/RAC Attack 12c/Create Database

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  1. Run the Database Configuration Assistant:
  2. [oracle@collabn1 ~]$ /u01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/bin/dbca 

  3. The splash screen appears.
  4. RA-Oracle_RAC_12101-DBCA Splash

  5. Select Create Database and click Next.
  6. RA-Oracle_RAC_12101-DBCA Database Operation

  7. Select Create a database with default configuration.
  8. Global Database Name: RAC.racattack

    Storage Type: Automatic Storage Management (ASM)

    Database Files Location: +DATA

    Fast Recovery Area: +FRA

    Database Character Set: AL32UTF8 - Unicode UTF-8 Universal character set

    Administrative password: racattack

    Check Create As Container Database

    Pluggable Database Name: PDB (*)

    Click Next.

    RA-Oracle_RAC_12101-DBCA Creation mode

  9. A warning is shown because the password is weak. Click Yes to continue.

  10. The prerequisite checks may fail due to space requirements. It's safe to ignore by checking Ignore all.
  11. Click Next.

    RA-Oracle_RAC_12101-DBCA Prerequisite checks

  12. Review the summary page and click Finish.
  13. RA-Oracle_RAC_12101-DBCA Summary

  14. The database creation is finished. Click Exit, then Close.
  15. RA-Oracle_RAC_12101-DBCA Database Created